Is “Light-Skinned” a New Euphemism for Black Criminal?

Another “random attack” from NBC News:

A man was killed after he was pushed “into an oncoming train, without provocation,” police in San Diego said Saturday, as a homicide investigation was launched…

Detectives have learned that both the man and the suspect had just exited the southbound trolley at the city’s Old Town Trolley Station “and were walking on the platform when the suspect pushed the male into an oncoming train, without provocation,” police said…

The suspect, who has been described as a light skinned male, 5’7” to 5’9” with a thin build, was wearing all black clothing when they fled the scene on foot, police said.  

The victim, whose identity was not released, was described “a white male in his 60’s.”

Apparently, it goes without saying that the perpetrators of such crimes are black, and the only additional information we need is his specific skin color.

Note: There’s a remote possibility that I’m wrong about this, and that this is simply a knee-jerk reaction from me, based on so many previous media deceptions. If this turns out to be the case, I’ll remove this post. Let’s wait and see…

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6 Responses to Is “Light-Skinned” a New Euphemism for Black Criminal?

  1. 370H55V says:

    . . . and “they” fled the scene

    • jewamongyou says:

      Good catch. Two propagandas at work here.

      • Lon Spector says:

        In N.Y.C, they are now giving black covid victims treatments
        ahead of whites. You can read it in the N.Y. Post.
        Pure and simple genocide.

        • Lon Spector says:

          Intercepted E. mails PROVE that N.Y.C. officials
          PLOTTED to short change largely white Satan Island
          from getting covid supplies. (See N.Y. Post again.)
          What can American Renasense do about that?
          The Jews fled Europe for Israel. Where can people
          cursed with white skin flee?

    • Lon Spector says:

      It’s the “Helter Skelter Plan” and Covert/Piven I tells ya.
      Allow whites to be butchered LONG TERM. Do it through vaccination or
      outright murder.
      If the honkies dare fight back have the “woke” army slaughter them on the
      spot. Or, just allow the spineless lemmings to march off the cliffs as they
      are doing right now. Only the strong survive, and that’s not a description
      of white males in 2022.

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