Air China Apologizes for Trying to Protect its Customers

This is old news, going back to 2016, but it’s still interesting to see a Communist organization trying to do the right thing, and then backing down after being rebuked by more “civilized” countries – countries that care more about Political Correctness than the safety of travelers.

From NPR:

Air China has apologized for a story in its in-flight magazine that told would-be visitors to London that “precautions are needed when entering areas mainly populated by Indians, Pakistanis and black people.”

China’s flagship airline has removed copies of the magazine, Wings of China, from its planes, The Associated Press reports. The airline tells the AP it has instructed the magazine’s publishers to “strengthen their content review and avoid making similar mistakes.”

Air China North America also tweeted out an apology, describing the text as “offensive language” — then deleted the tweet.

Perusing the various articles about this incident, I saw a lot of outrage. What I didn’t see was any attempt to explain WHY this warning was given in the first place, and HOW this negative impression of London’s darker populations came to be formed. Instead, journalists default to the lazy position that it’s simply a matter of not liking dark skin, and they likened it to the famous Chinese laundry detergent commercial.

It’s true that the Chinese generally do not like dark skin, but clearly this is not the reason Air China chose to issue its warning.

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One Response to Air China Apologizes for Trying to Protect its Customers

  1. Lon Spector says:

    The Chinese just love “people of color.”
    Have you read the postings about blacks on Chinese social media?
    In fact, they love blacks so much they kick them out of their homes in China
    with no where to go, and exploit African countries with the “belt and road
    Also, the Chinese don’t like models that have an “Asian” appearence. They don’t
    like narrow eyes or darker skin. They like round eyes and light skin.

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