Google Tweaks Image Searches

In October, a Bloomberg article informs us that Google has “Quietly Tweaked Image Searches for Racially Diverse Results.”

Along with claims that the move was to “promote diversity,” we’re also told that:

Google announced a raft of changes to its search engine in September, at an event called Search On, including a feature to add more context to results to help combat misinformation.

Inspired by a commenter on Amren, I tried several different Google searches in order to test this new “improvement.”

“American inventors:”

American Inventors

26 images, on the first page, featured individuals. Counting each image as only one person (as none of them featured mixed groups), here’s the racial breakdown:

19 of them are black

5 are white

2 are Asian

Some “context!” Based on these results, we get the impression that the lion’s share of American inventors are black. Almost 74%, with whites contributing only 15%.

What about “White Inventors?” Surely Google would yield “relevant” results:

This search yields 29 results featuring individuals:

White Inventors

20 of them are black

8 of them are white

1 is Asian

That’s 69% black and 28% white. There are two images that don’t feature humans, and they focus on black inventions.

What if we conduct a search for “Black Inventors?”

Surprise! We’re treated to a line of products featuring black inventors, obviously in order to support black businesses. Beneath that, every single one of the images features black inventors; there’s not a single white or Asian person shown, and it doesn’t seem to matter how far down we scroll.

“Asian Inventors” and “Hispanic Inventors” yield similar results; Only Asians, or Hispanics, appear in the results – but no businesses or products are featured.

The message is clear: Google, like the rest of Corporate America, worships blacks and has nothing but disdain for whites. Other minorities are respected, but not financially supported. When Hispanics and Asians learn to riot effectively, this might change.

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3 Responses to Google Tweaks Image Searches

  1. I just tried it on Duck Duck Go and got the same results. I think their search engine piggybacks on Google.

  2. Lon Spector says:

    The stage must be set for the genocide of white males in the same way it was
    set up for the Jews.
    The top 1% are immune from the pandemic they have unleashed on the
    small folks.
    As for “minorities,” they have no actual concern for their welfare. Their
    insincere virtue signaling is simply the means to an end: Absolute power, and
    the genocide of white males.

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