Woke School Teacher Openly Admits to Teaching CRT to her 6th Grade Students

How often have we seen the claim that Critical Race Theory is strictly college-level material, and that grade-school children are not the target?

Take NBC News for example. The headline loudly proclaims:

Teaching critical race theory isn’t happening in classrooms, teachers say in survey

… and yet when we read the actual article, it clearly states that almost 4% of teachers reported that their schools actually REQUIRE them to teach CRT to their students. 45% of these teachers feel they should have the option to teach it. If 45% of these teachers feel that they should have the option to teach CRT to their students, and (apparently) none of their schools actually forbid it (except where now prohibited by state law), the obvious conclusion is that at least 45% of these teachers are actually teaching CRT to their students:

The association surveyed its professional membership between June 24 and June 29 and received 1,134 completed responses, nearly 900 of them from traditional public schools. More than 96 percent said their schools did not require them to teach critical race theory, and only 45 percent said that teachers should have the option to add it to their lesson plans.

Taking NBC’s reasoning to its logical conclusion, we can argue that if less than 45% of teachers feel they should be allowed to sexually assault their students, we shouldn’t have laws against it. After all, most teachers are not so inclined.

The article goes on to quote one of the teachers:

Jenni Meadows, a teacher at a public high school near Dallas who specializes in teaching reading to at-risk youth, participated in the survey. She said the critical race theory discussion is not one that she’s having with her students because the focus in K-12 is on developing critical thinking skills.

Ironically, the author of this article, one Phil McCausland, assumes that his readers lack critical thinking skills – and he’s probably right in most cases.

Does Indianapolis Public Schools promote the teaching of CRT to K-12 students? Yes, it does. The district has a “Resource Guide for White Teachers” which includes a blog. Prominently featured on the blog is a post by former 6th grade teacher Thu Anh Nguyen. It’s titled:

Brand New Pandemic, Same Old White Supremacy

Even in the face of a global pandemic, white supremacy has been relentless. The chaos of schools regrouping so quickly was used as a reason to cut budgets so that professional development was completely frozen. That professional development was often the only way to offer and hold teachers accountable for doing social justice work. And when many of us asked what will happen this coming year to reengage with this essential work, our questions were met with silence.

And now the country and its schools are caught in the debate about critical race theory. In so many states, legislatures have proposed bills or passed laws that now ban teaching about the ways racism has shaped American public policy and, thus, the society. Critical race theory isn’t new, of course. But white supremacists have been actively misrepresenting it and using this misrepresentation to strengthen their grip on society and control what is taught in schools. It has come clear to me that this tactic is a symbol of how white supremacy, like the Delta variant, can mutate to be more effective. 

I have taught English Literature and Social Studies my entire career to date — and have always included critical race theory as an essential lens through which to understand literature and society. How could I teach any book written in the United States without discussing racism? How could I be asked to teach books written mostly by dead white men without honestly and openly criticizing the curriculum? 

The key argument against teaching critical race theory in schools, especially in the primary and secondary schools, is that students are not developmentally ready for a discussion of racism or that the discussion itself is divisive. The question that needs to be answered, however, is who is not developmentally ready? My students and families of color have lived with racism their entire lives. When people talk about critical race theory being developmentally inappropriate, what they are really saying is that white supremacy uses white fragility to keep us from making the institutional changes that will lead to racial justice.

Bearing in mind that this blog is the very first link, in the “Teaching While White” section of the Indianapolis Public Schools official webpage, it should be obvious that the views expressed by Thu Anh Nguyen are considered acceptable and wholesome by the school district.

Let’s summarize those views:

  1. Taxpayer dollars should be spent to enable school teachers to participate in “social justice” activism.
  2. Critical Race Theory is, and should be, taught to sixth grade students.
  3. Anybody who objects to young children being taught CRT is a white-supremacist, and is “fragile.”
  4. Books by “dead white men” should only be taught through the lens of criticism.

I’ll point out that Thu Anh Nguyen was born in Vietnam – and judging by her views, it appears that Vietcong Communism found fertile ground in her mind.

She also seems to have a case of lukophobia (an unreasonable fear of white people). In her blog, she tells of a nightmare she had:

In the dream, my white male head of school approached me with concerns from white parents that I was teaching too much about current events. The truth was too heavy a burden for kids to handle, he said. But if there is anything I have learned in fifteen years of teaching, kids are not the ones who cannot handle the truth. I have watched kids be the most resilient during the pandemic while adults have tried to catch up, or worse, actively work against change. 

I woke up from my nightmare wondering, are we going to learn anything from this pandemic? Who pays the cost of keeping things the way they are? Students and families of color certainly pay a huge toll.

She is a firm supporter of BLM, whose roots are in Communism, and I wonder if she is aware of the extent of black-on-Asian crime, such as this one (hat tip to The Mad Jewess):

Thai Woman, (Model) Savagely Beaten By Black Male On 34 St, NYC:

Posted on by davidbenmoshejtf

Thai Woman, (Model) Savagely Beaten By Black Male On 34 St, NYC:

By David Ben Moshe:

Beating up and mugging this Asian model, was it because she held slaves 175 years ago in America?

Bew Jirajariyawetch's injuries.

The perpetrator, who has yet to be caught:


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5 Responses to Woke School Teacher Openly Admits to Teaching CRT to her 6th Grade Students

  1. AsheDina says:

    Seems like many Asians are being beaten even if they’re CRT….
    Appeasement doesnt work.

    Thanks for the link up

      • Lon Spector says:

        Straight from “The Rules For Radicals” & Marxist/
        Frankfurt School playbook. All of the Democratic/Media
        Gas Lighting is. This is the very essence of evil. They will
        not be dissuaded.
        3 cops ambushed in N.Y.C. last evening. Sorros brought
        D.A.’s releasing cutthroats on ‘little” people.
        They are indeed part of the anarchist terror army.
        Civilization is dissolving in real time.

      • Lon Spector says:

        Evil doesn’t need a reason.

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