Google and Media Collusion to Hide Images of White Murder Victims

It seems there’s a new corporate media guideline: When the murderer is black, and his victim white, do not show photos of both of them. In cases where the murderer is still at large, only the murderer’s photo will be shown, and the victim’s photo is flushed down the memory hole.

Thus, when corporate media reported on the killing of Suzanna Kauffman, and the discovery of her body in a hotel, the victim’s face is left to our imagination:

This story appears numerous times in various news sites, and each time, we see the image of the murderer, Quincy Cheeks Hannah.

Wanted man arrested in Florida after missing woman found dead at hotel in Mocksville, deputies say

But not a single site shows us Suzanna’s face. A google search of Suzanna Kaufman (or Suzzane Kaufman, as it’s sometimes spelled) yields nothing – except images of Susanne Kaufman, a “beauty pioneer” with no connection to the victim.

However, a Duckduckgo image search does include a photo of the actual victim:

It’s on the gofundme page dedicated to her funeral expenses. My guess is that the girl is a product of the union between Kauffman and Quincy Hannah. I think the money would be better spent teaching young white women to stick with white men. That would save a lot of lives, and a lot of taxpayer money.

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2 Responses to Google and Media Collusion to Hide Images of White Murder Victims

  1. Lon Spector says:

    “Forbidden Fruit.”
    If you told them not to, that would first make them want to even more.
    And the “incest taboo” is dissolving. Not just bi-racial children are being born
    more than ever, inbred children as well.

  2. Daniel Ellison says:

    Mudsharks play a deadly game.

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