Swedish Woman Decapitated in Congo; Sweden: Spare the Murderers!

Full disclosure: I’ve just indulged in a bit of clickbait – but it’s not far from the truth. From an MSN story:

A military court has sentenced 49 people to death — while one officer will receive 10 years in prison — following an investigation into the 2017 murders of two UN experts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to Human Rights Watch…

UN experts Zaida Catalan, from Sweden, and Michael Sharp, from the US, were investigating large scale human rights violations in the Kasai region as members of the UN Group of Experts on Congo before the Congolese government announced on March 13, 2017 that they were captured by “unidentified negative forces.”

Two weeks later, UN peacekeepers discovered their bodies along with those of their local interpreter, Betu Tshintela, outside Kananga.

A Congo government official told CNN at the time that Catalan’s body was found decapitated, but Sharp and Tshintela were not beheaded…

The Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ann Linde, said in a tweet that Sweden would study the verdict and might appeal the result since the country “strongly opposes the use of the death penalty in all circumstances without exception.”

There’s a reason Africans are traditionally harsh with criminals; otherwise, their societies would be overrun, and controlled, by violent gangs. Indeed, this is often the case – but most Africans, just like the rest of us, would prefer that their loved ones not be murdered or raped. Higher crime-rates require more extreme measures. Europe was once this way, and people would be executed for even the most trivial offenses. Over time, Europe was able to get rid of most of its psychopaths. Other parts of the world must be allowed to catch up.

The process of cleaning the gene-pool of undesirables is a messy one. It can never be perfect, but if a country like Sweden were to dissuade the Congolese from executing criminals it would smack of naivety and cultural colonialism. It’s up to Congo to decide how to deal with its criminals, not Sweden, and what works in Sweden might not work in Congo.

Considering the wave of rapes and murders that “migrants” have wrought in Sweden, one would think that the Swedish are already aware of this – but ignorance is the official policy there.

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    Is it any wonder why Sweden was the most popular destination for the refugee
    before the United States furled out the welcome mat to this third world scum?
    Wow. Blonde hair and blue eyes and an egarness to—–.
    Native born citizens of these countries don’t stand much of a chance of that.
    Monsters like George Sorros and others of the 1% have no problem in that area.
    Can you picture that hideous frog Sorros on top of a terrorfied 12 year old
    who’s eyes are as wide as saucers?

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