Whoopi Goldberg; a Big Deal Over Nothing

So Whoopi Goldberg said that the Nazi Holocaust wasn’t about race, and now millions of people have gone hysterical over it. I say it’s not a big deal. She didn’t say anything hateful or spiteful – or even ignorant for that matter. Sure, the Nazis thought it was about race, but that doesn’t mean that everybody else needs to see it that way.

I happen to disagree; I think it WAS about race, to a certain extent. Goldberg could be completely wrong on every level, but we’re all wrong sometimes. We can be wrong, even about race, without being “racist.” The Nazi Holocaust has become one of those subjects about which we’re not allowed to have disagreements, except regarding its most insignificant minutiae. As far as I’m concerned, no subject should possess that level of sanctity. Everything should be open for discussion.

Every time something like this happens, I hope that the powerful elites will notice how ridiculous the whole affair really is. So somebody said “nigger,” somebody criticized BLM, or didn’t show enough reverence toward gender-confused people. Don’t we have REAL issues to be concerned about? Maybe when people are starving in the streets due to COVID restrictions, or a Biden war, enough people will wake up and get their priorities straight.

It’s been pointed out that such indiscretions are typically dealt with much more harshly when the offender is white, so I’ll share a meme somebody posted on our “It’s Okay to be White” space on Quora:

I’ll also point out that, while Goldberg got off with a two-week paid holiday, an incoming Georgetown law professor (who appears to be Jewish) has been placed on administrative leave, and might get fired, for pointing out the obvious: Biden’s Supreme Court pick will be a “lesser black woman.” From MSN (Business Insider):

Georgetown Law students occupied an auditorium on Tuesday to demand the firing of an academic who said President Joe Biden would nominate a “lesser Black woman” to fill Justice Stephen Breyer’s Supreme Court seat, National Review reported.

Ilya Shapiro, who was set to start as a professor at Georgetown Law on February 1, was placed on administrative leave earlier this week pending an investigation after his comments prompted widespread condemnation, including from the law school’s dean, William Treanor.

But students were unsatisfied with this decision, calling for Shapiro’s “immediate termination” in a Monday message chain tweeted by National Reviews’ Nate Hochman.

Students, who were asked to wear all black in solidarity, staged the sit-in in an auditorium at the law center, where Treanor spent more than an hour answering questions, National Review reported.

Professor Shapiro’s assessment is even more accurate than most people would think. As Jared Taylor points out:

President Biden has announced that his nominee for the Supreme Court will be a black woman. Rather than asking, “Who is the best qualified?” he will be asking “Who has the right sex and skin color?” According to a 2019 report, only 3.4 percent of sitting judges are black women. The president is therefore limiting his search — for someone to endow with a lifetime position of great power — to just 3.4 percent of the people who are generally considered qualified. And there is good reason to doubt whether even that 3.4 percent are fully qualified.

Despite decades of recruitment and affirmative action, blacks are underrepresented in law schools: 8 percent of students vs 13.5 percent of the population. They are more likely to be in bottom-ranked law schools (16 percent of students) than in top-ranked schools (6 percent). Black first-year students are twice as likely as white first-years to drop out: 11 percent vs. 5.1 percent.

Many of the most able and ambitious law graduates go to work for law firms. In 2020, only 3.04 percent of law firm associates were black women, and only 0.8 percent of the partners were black women. Partnership in a law firm is usually a sign of ability. Why is the black-women representation on the federal bench — 3.4 percent — four times greater than their 0.8 percent share of partners? Probably because judicial appointments are political whereas partners have to be sharp lawyers who can bring in clients. Pressure to be “diverse” is already so great that a good many of the current 0.8 percent probably aren’t qualified.

A black woman justice will mean that her group is overrepresented on the court: 11 percent of justices, vs 6.7 percent of the population. This is affirmative action heaped upon affirmative action.

We live in a theocracy where speaking the truth can get you in serious trouble.

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5 Responses to Whoopi Goldberg; a Big Deal Over Nothing

  1. Akiba says:

    It was openly acknowledged in my shul that Hitler gave Jewry 50 years of good P.R., but that the secular Jews were going to ruin it. Jack Warner told his idiot son the same thing when he wanted to visit Stalin’s Potemkin villages, so as we can see little has changed. Those the take the advantages of a Jewish education and upbringing and screw over others will track dirt into the houses of their fathers. Humans are their own worst enemies it would seem. But when a woman with the moral code of Whoopie is placed in a position of influence we know that nothing good will come of it. Whether she speaks the truth or not, a twisted wheel does not run true

    • jewamongyou says:

      Indeed, and Goldberg is definitely not worthy of our sympathy.

      • Akiba says:

        We should be calling her out for cultural appropriation. Apparently her followers fail to recognize her role as a Judas Goat.
        Obviously, the Hollywood crowd use her to their best advantage, as loathsome as that may be.

      • Lon Spector says:

        This isn’t the first time Whoppi has steeped in it.
        Like most libs she has “foot in mouth disease.”
        Years ago she caught flack when she made the statement
        that most black girls dreamed of having blond hair.
        Looks like she still does.
        She dated almost exclusively white men, including the
        actor Ted Danson of “Cheers” fame.
        At a comedy roast Danson appeared in blackface. Another
        person at the event Montel Williams (a black man) took
        offense and told her so. She lashed out at him unmercifully.
        Strictly speaking Whoppi was correct. “Jews” are NOT a
        race. They are a white ethnic group like the Irish, Poles, and Italians. The Nazis believed that the Jews were subhuman. Jews have blended in with any racial group
        they’ve lived among, so some do appear non-white.
        In Nazi Germany even blacks were held in higher esteem
        than the Jews. Some (few) SS divisions were black.

  2. 370H55V says:

    “According to a 2019 report, only 3.4 percent of sitting judges are black women.”

    Closer to 80% on “Law and Order”.

    I do agree with you on Whoopi, and have avoided reading anything on the controversy as I regard it as a total waste of time.

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