MediaGov Creates Racial Caste-System and Racial Strife

The median age for US citizens is about 40. Hence, most Americans weren’t even alive yet when Congress passed its first racial set-aside law in 1977; this racial caste system has been around their entire lives. There have been ups and downs since then, but the general trend has been for such set-asides to become ever more entrenched and rooted in American jurisprudence. Hence we now have large organizations, such as the NMSDC, which was the subject of an excellent Revolver expose:

Most Americans do not realize the full extent to which a racially based spoils system is fundamentally embedded in American economic life. They know about affirmative action in school admissions (though many mistakenly believe affirmative action is a “tiebreaker” as opposed to an enormous boost for the recipient). But the racial spoils system in America reaches much further and deeper into the very marrow of our Regime. Countless employers adhere to a racial caste system in order to avoid running afoul of federal civil rights investigators…

To get access to big government contracts and set-asides by major corporate actors, you need to be the right race. So, how is that decided?

For that, you can turn to a little known organization called the National Minority Supplier Development Council. The NMSDC’s goal is to help minority-owned businesses secure more business contracts, through relationships with both government and hundreds of major corporate partners, ranging from Facebook and Google, to Ford and GM, to Walmart and Coca-Cola.

How do you win a spot at NMSDC’s table? By convincing the organization’s officials that you deserve one of its coveted official Race Card™s to play for fun and profit. How does the NMSDC decide if you’re worthy of their coveted Race Card™? Simple: The group defines a minority as “an individual who is at least 25 percent Asian, Black, Hispanic or Native American.” To do that, one literally must submit a driver’s license, a passport, a birth certificate, or the birth certificate of one’s parent or child in order to prove one has the “right” racial group. And the NMSDC has a clear definition of who is right, and who is wrong:

That’s right, one must CERTIFY his racial blood quantum in order to qualify for this spoils system – and NMSDC is just one of many such organizations, corporate and government, that enforce this racial caste system. The very long Code of Federal Regulations, Title 13, Part 124, makes it quite clear that “disadvantaged” excludes white males by default. It includes all non-whites by default.

These laws and codes have been on the books for many years now – and the irony is that they’ve been CREATING a disadvantaged group in America: White males. To the extent that white males still dominate in some areas, it’s because of legacy positions (IE. the Clintons, the Bidens and other well-heeled white elitists who love to preach to the rest of us about “privilege”) and it’s because the status quo has FORCED white males to be so much better than their competitors that they’ve gotten ahead by sheer force of effort. Otherwise, they wouldn’t stand a chance.

The LA Times recently reported on a black UCLA professor who threatened a white colleague with violence, and sent pornographic material to a student. Of course, the LA Times neglected to mention that the professor is black, and his victim white. Also, this story is curiously missing from MSN’s news feed.

What’s NOT missing from the MSN news feed is this story:

That story is right at the top, and it will likely remain there for some time. Since the culprits are minors, we might never know their identities. It’s possible that they’re black, and we can add this to the long list of “hate-crime” hoaxes. It’s also possible that they’re white, and the question arises: What would motivate them to do this?

Notice that Black History Month story to the lower left of the image. The fact is that Black History Month has been abolished; it’s now “Black History Year” all year long. The Corporate Media is so focused on blacks that we hardly see a difference in February. All of corporate America has followed McDonald’s lead, and it’s now 365 black for everybody all the time.

Where does this leave white youth? It leaves them either brainwashed or feeling unwanted and neglected. A backlash is guaranteed, and I’ve warned about this – exactly a year ago, on Feb. 3, 2021.

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3 Responses to MediaGov Creates Racial Caste-System and Racial Strife

  1. 370H55V says:

    Not one young white man should ever join the military or become a LEO, to risk his life to defend a country that holds him in utter contempt and will bar his entry to any position of leadership if and when he manages to return from the adventurism our betters have planned for him. Stick a fork in America. It’s done.

  2. Akiba says:

    What we have are non-productive whites that are ashamed of their heritage. Those that disrespect their forebears are fodder for those that use them for the tools that they have become. The anomie of the 60s and on suburbanites has led those that are not blessed with a ‘perfect’ lifestyle to despise themselves. Reality TV now gives them the hope that religion cannot; namely that with enough plastic surgery and rabid consumption (while on camera) they too can be gods. Witness the Jenner and Ktrash. Monuments to plastic surgery as well as achieving wealth and status through whoredom. Any unattractive high school loser can aspire to fame and fortune; they just need to find the right gravy train. Obviously this subculture will lead to failure. While Ha Shem might not bring down a thunderbolt, these narcistic beings will not survive the inevitable shocks brought on by a decaying infrastructure and naturally occurring stresses. Imagine a digital life brought down by a previously endurable hurricane. The blacks are hardly likely to maintain the physical grid, and the third worlders imported lack the skills and abilities as well. In fact, these peoples will merely revert to what their comfort zones. As anyone that has been to Mexico can attest, soyboys will either starve or learn to pick crops. My money is on the former.
    If America can learn from those groups that maintain family unity then there is always hope. But the time of the pathetic whiner is coming to an end.

  3. Lon Spector says:

    Life is a meaningless interruption from pleasant non existence.

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