New York Post Refuses to Call Black Racism by its Name

We’re used to thinking of the New York Post as a conservative-leaning newspaper. A refreshing break from the endless propaganda of the New York Times. A recent New York Post article should remind us that even the Post is woke:

Ex-UCLA lecturer facing charges for threat-laced video, ‘manifesto’

A former UCLA lecturer was slapped with federal charges for emailing students and faculty a threatening video and an unhinged “manifesto” that temporarily shut down the college’s campus this week.

Matthew Harris, 31, allegedly sent out a rambling 803-page manifesto to members of the philosophy department that mentioned the words “kill,” “bomb” and “shoot” 12,000 times…

“Burn and attack Boulder outside by the university,” the manifesto said, according to an FBI agent’s affidavit cited by the Times.

”Hunt them where they work … Kill their children at freshman orientation. Shoot them at the opening weekend, Bombs at middle schools, no threats, Shot gun columbine university slaying, Kill the board of trustees at every university.”

The Post article gives the impression that this diatribe is directed specifically at schools and universities. In fact, the “manifesto” is mainly directed against whites and Jews. The Post quotes the statement, “Kill their children at freshman orientation…” but neglects to quote the statement: “

get to the point NIGGER kill their children as reparations for slavery.


Murder every little white girl who has gook twinks posters on her wall because she’s already a traitor and an undesirable little garbage whore. Bash her brains open with a kitchen mallet.

The Post is quick to point out that the manifesto contains the words “kill,” “bomb” and “shoot” 12,000 times – but doesn’t mention the fact that it contains the word “nigger”many thousands of times, and the word “kike” over a thousand times as well. A typical paragraph:

The tom wants NIGGER to be trained to be dissapointed. Just like the fake friends NIGGER has of other tribes that are disloyal to NIGGER soul. The tom will say ‘WEeeeeeeelllll That’s just the way it is” and sound like a broken record. ‘Weeeeellll That’s how it goes” — the tom wants NIGGER to accept how shit appears and to stay docile. The tom wants NIGGER to be nice and grateful. The tom wants NIGGER to overdose on shallow pride that they have superficial success. Like ‘Damn I’m the first Nigger captain of a steamboat” so that Nigger drives a boat in circles his whole life thinking ‘look at me — first Nigger captain of a steamboat — So ahead of other NIGGER — It makes me cry if only my ancestors could see that I am their dream” I HATE THAT SHIT — “OOOO look at me I’m the first Nigger to wash a steamboat as the president of the united states.. OOOO Lordy. My family is so behind me. I’m the first Nigger to be president for the world OOOO lordy I done does it did IT!” The tom wants NIGGER to be lost in this shit — they lives on paper. Toms wants NIGGER to be so drowned in pride of their resumes and lives on paper and titles and shit that they don’t realize they quality of life ain’t shit. The tom wants NIGGER to be proud of their zip codes and possessions. ‘Look what I bought my peoples for christmas” or some weak shit. The tom wants NIGGER to be proud of having celebrities as neighbors and the tom wants NIGGER to be excited to be a part of another man’s system ‘LOOK AT ME I’S A SERVANT TO A BILLIONAIRE” instead of Shooting that motherfucker in the face like I should have and taking his life. That’s the REAL SHIT. NIGGER who work at boarding schools (EVEN UNIVERSITIES) are servants — HOUSE NIGGER 2021 for the wealthy unworthy fucks. The same UNWORTHY FUCKS WHO HAVE MONEY THAT WAS STOLEN FROM SLAVERY TRUST ME I WAS THERE AS A UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR REALIZING THAT THESE MOTHERFUCKERS HAVE MONEY THAT WAS STOLEN FROM MY FAMILY AND THEY CALL THEMSELVES A BILLIONAIRE AND SHIT MEANWHILE MY FAMILY IS NOT BENEFITING FROM WHAT WAS STOLEN SO OBVIOUSLY IT IS TIME TO MURDER THEM AND STOP BEING A FUCKING HOUSE SLAVE ITS TIME FOR VIOLENCE AND IT IS TIME TO PLOT. PLOT THE VIOLENCE AND PLOT THEY GRAVES. PLOT. PLOT THE ATTACK. PLOT THE RAMPAGE. PLOT THE VICTORY. PLOT THE ATTACK. PLOT THE MURDERS. PLOT THE FIRES. PLOT THE WEAPONS AND THE STRATEGY. PLOT THE ASSASSINATIONS AND PLOT THE SHOOTING SPREES. THEY AIN’T HARD TO FIND THEY ALL GO TO SCHOOL TOGETHER. THEY ALL LIVE NEAR EACH OTHER. THEY AINT AS SECURE AS YOU WOULD IMAGINE. THEY UNIVERSITIES AINT THAT PROTECTED. THEY AIN THAT HARD TO KILL. THEY BLEED . JUST LIKE A HUNTED ANIMAL. THEY BLEED OUT INTO THE BUSHES AND DIE SCREAMING. MAKE THOSE RICH UNWORTHY FUCKS BLEED OUT INTO THE STREETS INTESTINES LEAKING LIKE STEAMBOAT CAPTAIN finally made it. The first steamboat assassination. BLLOOAAAAAACCCCCCC screams the shotgun as the billionaire falls. GENOCIDE THEM my NIGGER. Schoolyard massacre. University disaster. Take your pick. Real Shit.

You can read the rest here if you want – but be warned that your IQ will drop at least one standard deviation if you do.

Even the most rabid neo-Nazis can’t come close to the hatred contained in this “manifesto.” Racial hatred, and there’s a commonly used word for that: “Racism.”

But the words “racism” and “racist” don’t appear in the New York Post article even once. Instead, they characterize it as “unhinged.” Indeed it is, but apparently, when it comes to blacks, the New York Post can’t stomach calling it “racism.”

As for Matthew Harris, he’s a product of CRT. This is what happens when low-IQ blacks are fed a steady diet of CRT.

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2 Responses to New York Post Refuses to Call Black Racism by its Name

  1. Lon Spector says:

    The only trouble is, we’ve got Sorros installed D.A.’s and media moguls
    who’d give this raging ape a medal for carrying out his “mission.”

  2. Reality says:

    So tired of the degenerate WASPs and their pets. Urban blacks from broken homes require a level of discipline that SJWs refuse to acknowledge. There is a reason they gravitate towards incarceration. Prison is the authority figure they lacked. And the promiscuity of their so-called mothers guarantees recidivism. Having the neighborhood and half the county partner with Mama is a guarantee of mental trauma. Add the inevitable molestation by mommy’s boyfriends, various uncles and older crib mates and we have career criminals by the boatload.

    The other elephant in the room is incest. When mommy and daddy know each other by street name only, if that, and 15 minutes in an alley way or 2 hours in a flop house is an accepted courtship, these welfare seeking couplings are anything but researched. Inevitably there will be close relatives that unknowingly or not breed. Add multiple generations and we have all manner of genetic abnormalities endemic in The Community.

    Until these realities are addressed social policies will continue to fail miserably. Unless that is the actual goal. After all, someone has to hire liberal arts majors

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