Pulling Black Women Out of Storage

American companies and corporations have little use for black women, at least when it comes to ads… but what do they do with all those unneeded black women?

ExtraSpace Storage! ExtraSpace Storage has many black women in storage, but if they’re left in storage too long, they’ll get moldy. So they’ve decided to remove some of them from their units to air them out. In so doing, they decided they might as well put some of them them to work. Hence, I’ve received this notification in my email:

I think this will be short-lived, as these women are not used to being outside their storage units. At this point, most of them will want to return to the only home they’ve known for many years.

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One Response to Pulling Black Women Out of Storage

  1. Lon Spector says:

    And even the one’s pulled out of “storage” are partly white.

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