White Father and Son Charged for Shooting at Black Man

This story has popped up a couple of times on the MSN news feed:

Following the link, we read about an unprovoked attack against a black FedEx worker:

D’Monterrio Gibson, 24, told CNN by phone he was delivering packages to a home around 7 p.m. on January 24 when he saw a white pickup truck coming from the house behind it.

The truck started approaching Gibson and blowing the horn at him, Gibson said.

The van Gibson was driving was a Hertz rental van that had two large Hertz stickers on the back, Gibson said. Gibson’s attorney, Carlos E. Moore, told CNN that Gibson was wearing a FedEx jacket, shirt and pants but the vehicle had no FedEx markings.

Gibson said he thought he was in the truck’s way and so he tried to leave, but the truck swerved around him and tried to cut him off.

“At that point my instincts kick in, and I swerve around him as he (is) trying to cut me off to avoid getting stuck in the neighborhood,” he said.

Gibson said he drove down the street about two or three houses when a man in the middle of the road pointed a gun at his vehicle and was mouthing and waving at Gibson to stop. Gibson said he shook his head “no” to indicate he wasn’t going to stop and then hid behind his steering wheel while he swerved around him.

That’s when Gibson heard “at least five shots and heard the bullets hitting the van,” according to an incident report filed January 25 by the Brookhaven Police Department after officers met with Gibson and his boss.

There is absolutely no evidence presented that the attack was racially motivated – other than the victim’s own statement:

In a statement to CNN, Moore said he thinks Gibson was targeted by the Cases, both White men, “because he is African-American. He was simply doing his job as a FedEx driver in full uniform when he was chased and assaulted by gunfire.”

Apparently, no racial slurs were used, no controversial flags or insignia were involved and there is no reason to suspect a racial motive – other than the fact that the two shooters are white, and the victim is black.

From the way CNN presents this story, it APPEARS that this is likely a racially-motivated attack. However, we should bear in mind that it’s CNN doing the reporting, and CNN is not a reliable source of information. It’s also possible that this was a case of mistaken identity.

While it could be that this was a racially-motivated attack, without any evidence that this is the case, it’s irresponsible for CNN/MSN to highlight race in the title.

This is especially true when we consider how the Corporate Media presents cases where the perpetrator is black, and the victim white. For example, here and here and here and here and here. Those cases are treated differently.

We can add this headline and story to the long list of why we should never trust the lying Corporate Media. I’ll conclude by pointing out that even if it does turn out that this attack was racially motivated, the point of this post is still valid. CNN had no way of knowing this at the time of publication.

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3 Responses to White Father and Son Charged for Shooting at Black Man

  1. Lon Spector says:

    The frightening thing is, we have people in power who believe in such things
    who are dedicated to the destruction of the white race.
    They are running roughshod over civilization and not a damn thing can be
    done to stop them.

  2. bob sykes says:

    There is not a state in the union where this shooting is legal. Even when property is posted with No Trespassing signs, visitors can always go to the door of the house and ask to speak with the owner. The owner can decide whether or not he wishes to speak to the visitor, and if the owner tells the visitor to leave, he must do so. The point of the sign is that if the visitor will not leave, the local LEO will arrest him and remove him.

    Any attack of any kind on the visitor is illegal, guns, dogs, clubs, knives, fists…, even if the visitor won’t leave. The cops will take care of it, not the homeowner.

    They guys who attacked the deliveryman should be in jail.

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