Another Day, Another Young Woman Lost to a “Random Attack”

This time, the victim was a 35 year old Asian. From an MSN article:

Christina Yuna Lee, a senior creative producer at the digital music platform Splice, was murdered over the weekend inside her apartment in the Chinatown neighborhood of New York. She was 35.

The suspect, Assamad Nash. who allegedly was seen on security video following Lee into her apartment, has been arrested and charged in connection with Lee’s stabbing death, according to New York 1 and other local reports. Nash, 25, of Manhattan is charged with murder and burglary.

The victim:

The murderer:

Per MSN policy, the linked article does not include a photo of the murderer, since he’s black, and the victim is non-black; I found his photo in a article. Nash had a long rap sheet already. From that article:

Investigators believe the attack on Lee was random, according to sources cited by CBS New York and the New York Daily News. Both outlets, citing police, reported there was no known connection between Lee and Nash.

There is a subset of black male criminals that will attack and kill random attractive white/Asian women when the opportunity arises. In fact, there is nothing “random” about it. This phenomenon is a result of media hate-mongering toward whites, and the spillover-hate toward Asians. When the inevitable happens, those same media organizations will conveniently describe the killings as “random” as if their own propaganda had nothing to do with it.

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One Response to Another Day, Another Young Woman Lost to a “Random Attack”

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Just like school teacher Colleen Ritzer from 2013. Her killer, Philip Chism
    was caught on camera following her into a bathroom.
    At first it was said that he was angry at her, and later it was revealed he raped her
    and killed her with a boxcutter. Since he was only 14, he couldn’t be imprisoned
    for life without parole. He took the body outside the school and shoved a three
    foot branch up her vagina. A large debate was whether she was still alive when
    he abused her.

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