White Teacher Slams Black Student Against Wall

This is not the first time I’m documenting a case where the Corporate Media racializes an incident, and puts it at the forefront of public attention, simply because the the (alleged) bad guy is white and the victim is black – with no evidence that race was a factor. This has become common enough that there needs to be a word for it. I can think of a candidate for such behavior in a more general sense: “Narrativize.” It’s when mediagov presents an incident to the public in such a way that it supports the Official Narrative, whether this is the case in fact or not. That term would apply here, but we should come up with a more specific term for when an unsubstantiated racial motive is attributed to a white suspect.

The article itself presents no evidence that race played a role in this incident:

A New York City teacher was arrested Wednesday after he was allegedly caught on camera slamming a 14-year-old student into a wall at school.

The incident began when Colin McNally, a white physical education teacher who also coaches boys varsity tennis, allegedly took a basketball from a Black student inside the Benjamin N. Cardozo High School gym on Feb. 16, according to ABC 7 New York. In surveillance video obtained by the outlet, the student, who has not been identified, attempts to grab the ball back from the teacher while they’re standing in the hallway. McNally then grabs the teen, throwing him against the wall, according to the footage. Another person appears to intervene, at which point McNally tosses the student to the ground, picks him up, and slams him against the wall again, the video shows.

Police were called and apprehended the teacher after the altercation. McNally has since been charged with acting in a manner injurious to a child. According to arrest records, the student was not injured.

We don’t know what led up to this, and my guess is that the student had provoked the teacher past the point where he could control himself. People who can’t control their tempers should not be teachers in the first place, and slamming a 14 year old against the wall would only be justified in cases of self-defense. I seriously doubt there was any racial element to this. We’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, as I’ve pointed out before, blacks continue to “randomly” assault, rape and murder whites and Asians – and the media NEVER presents it racially in those cases. If The Daily Beast and MSN were to report this particular incident the same way it presents black-on-white crime, the headline would have read:

14 Year Old Student Slammed Against Wall

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    Last night I listened to an old Art Bell (Coast To Coast) broadcast.
    Bell has been dead for (at least) 10 years. I was surprised to hear a caller make
    referance to the Black Lives Matter Organization and discuss police brutality.
    I thought BLM was a fairly new organization.
    This just illustrates that these “Civil Rights” groups are as old as the “divide and
    conquer” Marxist ideals that spawned them.
    Once you see that the on going goal is to install a Fabian Socialist regime
    World Wide with a few eliet rulers everything falls into place.
    We’re just their underlings to be exploited. Human life means nothing to them.

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