Happy George Washington’s Birthday

To celebrate the holiday, I’ll post a comment from Don Reynolds on Amren:

Don Reynolds

Yesterday, was the legal holiday, called Presidents Day. Not that long ago, it was called George Washington’s Birthday, which is actually today….. February 22nd. Happy Birthday, George Washington. At least that is what all the boys and girls are taught in school.

When George Washington was born in 1732, that was NOT the date. Twenty years later, the English-speaking world adopted the Gregorian calendar and discontinued use of the Roman calendar. It was somewhat confusing for many years. Dates were written with the suffix…..OS or NS, for Old Style and New Style calendar. Everyone was given a choice…. they could keep their old birthday or add eleven days and have a new birthday. George being a modern kind of guy, he added eleven days to his birthday, which was originally February 11th.

I didn’t know that. Did you?

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3 Responses to Happy George Washington’s Birthday

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Most people didn’t know that.
    I also heard that the actual date of Columbus making landfall wasn’t on
    October 12th, but October 23rd.

  2. countenance says:

    George Washington’s own personal bank account with the Bank of England was totally unimpeded and uninterrupted, even while he was leading an effort that official public parlance on The Island to this day refers to as rebellion, secession and insurrection.

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