Charity-Masturbation in the Dominican Republic

In case y’all were wondering, Dominican Republic is still there; it hasn’t been swallowed by the ocean yet. However, we have been experiencing some Weather Change. Heavier rains than normal… and it seeps into the condo I’m living in. No swimming at the beach today 🙁

One of my new friends here is a Jewish woman of dubious political affiliation. She’s “conservative-friendly,” but afflicted with white-savior syndrome.

She’s in the habit of collecting stuffed toys and candy, and then distributing them among the poor children not far from where she lives. She invited me to join her. Since I was in an adventurous mood, I acquiesced.

Though I like kids, I like candy, and I like giving candy to kids when appropriate, the whole affair left me feeling defiled, as if I’d participated in an abomination.

Some of the “kids” were more like teenagers, and some of them tried to take more than their share. I tried to explain to them what a garbage bag is, and how to use it – but to no avail; the wrappers ended up on the street. These kids have an abundance of tropical fruit they can pick up for free; they don’t need candy. Their poverty is as much a result of ignorance and a degenerate culture as circumstances. Low IQ surely comes into play, but that falls under the “circumstances” category, as there’s little that can be done about it.

I found the spectacle of two aging Jews giving stuffed toys and candy to hovel-dwelling black kids to be obscene. The kids (and their parents) learn dependency upon the white man, the candy hurts their health, they’re discouraged from making their OWN toys, and there’s that much more litter on the streets. The only person who benefited was my Jewish friend, who no doubt feels good about herself because of it; it’s a form of charity-masturbation, with the kids as tools to this end. Any thoughts I might have originally had, that this would be a positive thing, were dispelled. I suppose, I DID benefit from this – in the form of reinforcing my racial education. It’s good to be reminded of these things once in a while.

I haven’t told my friend what I think of her project, but if she asks me to join her again, I surely will tell her. I’ve already told her that it would be more productive to give out condoms than candy.

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10 Responses to Charity-Masturbation in the Dominican Republic

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Have you looked into Belize or Panama?
    Many are saying for ex-pats Belize is a paradise on Earth.

    • jewamongyou says:

      There are lots of places I could look into, but I’ve already committed to D.R. I’m sure Belize would have worked fine too.

        • jewamongyou says:

          Reconsider staying here because there’s crime? It’s true that overall the crime is higher here than in the US, but it seems to me that the US is rapidly catching up, at least in the Portland area (where I live). Crime in the Dominican Republic is not distributed evenly across the country. Like anywhere else, there are high-crime areas, low-crime areas and intermediate areas. Your safety depends a lot on your own behavior. Obviously, the baseball player drew the attention of criminals due to his wealth.

          • dickycone says:

            My wife is from one of the most dangerous countries in Latin America, statistically much worse than the DR. Still, we lived there for years and nothing bad happened to us. Whenever something bad did happen to another American down there, he was almost always drunk and doing something stupid. Even in most statistically dangerous places, if you use common sense and don’t walk around drunk, you’ll probably be fine.

  2. I saw the same thing in Africa. It turns kids into beggars, accosting every foreigner they spot for goodies and making them see white people as ATMs.
    If you give charity, it’s best to give it to an organisation that you know and trust like an orphanage or a school. It’s less feel-good for the giver but that shouldn’t matter.
    I’m planning an article on why the Philippines is poor. I’d be interested to hear your views on the same issue in the DR. Sure there’s IQ but usually there are structural issues, too.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I look forward to your article on that.

      • Lon Spector says:

        There’s a reason why the DR has the most mulottos
        of any country: It’s right next to Hati. The Hatians invaded
        the DR. (After killing all the whites in their own country.)
        That’s why the DR is so mixed.
        It’s kind of like Sicily. African tribes invaded there long
        ago. That’s the reason for their very dark skin.
        There have been many “mysterious” deaths of tourists in
        the DR. Take care.

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  4. I have heard that charity is misread by many.

    (1) Some charity, like the candy, serves as a veiled punishment.
    (2) Free stuff, at the hand of someone that doesn’t value it, is also bad.
    (3) I said the same about freedom.
    (4) Too bad they can’t hand out wisdom, but I imagine that books would end up in the
    gutter too.
    (5) Many think that handing food out in places like the rougher parts of Chicago was
    the most humane thing to do, but someone else I know thinks that it would make
    more sense to hand out cheap handguns and liquor on one side, then bullets on
    the other.
    (6) About the wrappers and trash, it is hard to teach the concept of ownership

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