CRT Leads to Physical Attacks on Kids. MSN Tries to Hide it

Here’s the story from The Daily Wire (hat tip to the Mad Jewess):

‘You Are White’: 5 Florida Middle School Students Arrested After Allegedly Beating White Students

Five middle-school students in Cocunut Creek, Florida, were arrested and charged after allegedly attacking white students on Wednesday in what is being called a racially charged-attack.

Authorities in Broward County, Florida confirmed the arrests to Fox News, which said four students from Lyons Creek Middle School were allegedly attacked by fellow students. The alleged attack occurred near the  Coconut Creek Recreation Center. According to the Coconut Creek Police arrest reports, the reported victims were “racially profiled,” NBC Miami reported, adding that the students who allegedly attacked the white students shouted “It’s opposite day!” and “Brown power!” WSVN added in the video below that the alleged victims claimed the attackers shouted, “You are white…”

One student told NBC Miami that boys from his school dashed over to “jump” him, adding that attackers hit and kicked him. He continued, “I put my hands up so they don’t whack my face.”

He continued, “After they jumped me, they said, this is, like, revenge for what they did in the 1700s for slavery.”

The NBC version of this story, included in the MSN news feed, doesn’t mention that the victims are white until the ninth paragraph. Most readers stop reading well before then, and the way the story is worded leaves the race of the victims unclear until that point.

Not only that, but the NBC/MSN story completely omits the crucial part about the attack being “revenge for what they did in the 1700s for slavery.” This sort of thing is inevitable when kids are taught CRT – and by CRT, I’m referring to an anti-white approach to history, where only the negative deeds of white people (as a group) are emphasized, while ignoring the positive aspects of white civilizations. CRT leads to hate, and hate leads to violence. CRT leads to violence.

The article points out that the incident happened outside school grounds, and that therefore, the school is not directly responsible for it. BULLSHIT! The school is responsible for it, because it was the school that poisoned the minds of those kids in the first place.

Update: One day after I published this post, I saw that MSN had the following headline:

I filled out the “feedback” form and pointed out their double standards, considering the fact that there was no such headline about the brown students who physically attacked the white students. I don’t expect to hear back from MSN.

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2 Responses to CRT Leads to Physical Attacks on Kids. MSN Tries to Hide it

  1. Lon Spector says:

    It happens more than we realize. Low I.Q. people can’t distinguish between
    fantasy and reality.
    Years ago a black viewer of the film “Mississippi Burning” messed up the first
    white person he saw after the film. And black students harass, humiliate, and
    accost white students every day. Colin Flattery often reported on this topic.
    America is POST MORTERM. For all intents and purposes this nation is being
    controlled by people who espouse “Black Israelite” teachings.
    You’ve seen them in the larger cities. They verbally abuse every white they see and
    tell them they are going into slavery. It’s happening now.

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