Addressing a Pro-Reparation Argument

Too many pro-whites fail to understand the actual arguments of our ideological opponents on the left. This is especially true regarding the topic of reparations; I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen pro-whites argue that “none of us were slaves, and none of us owned slaves” – completely ignoring the fact the reparations focuses largely on Jim Crow “injustices” and not slavery.

In order to discover the truth about any topic, we must first understand what those who disagree with us are actually saying. This is where William Collins comes in; he puts it very nicely, and I’m taking the liberty of breaking it down into paragraphs, and responding:

William Collins

Actually, yes. I do NOT expect to see some individual checks going out to repair the effects of slavery. Most contemporary reparations advocates focus on those POST Slavery activities of Federal,State, and local governments taken against America’s Black communities as a class.

Indeed, all of the state and local reparations initiatives so far proposed, or implemented, have focused on post-slavery discrimination against blacks. Some of them actually make some sense, as they target actual individuals or families that suffered from such policies.

Remember legalized anti-Black discrimination only ended on a national scale in 1967. American political and economic institutions actively and systemically discriminated against America’s Native-born Black population so several states, municipalities, and numerous Americans favor the establishment of Truth & Reconciliation Commissions at either Federal or State or even local levels to explore an issue that does not go away.

I have two issues with this: Firstly, there were actual REASONS for anti-black discrimination; those discriminatory laws weren’t invented because some bigoted whites disapproved of certain skin-colors. On the contrary, they came about because people recognized the fact that blacks, as a group, are far more violent than whites or Asians. It was noticed that every time large numbers of blacks moved into a location, that location deteriorated, becoming unsafe and unpleasant. Whites wanted to protect their communities, and their children, so they did what was needed. On average, black men have ALWAYS had a propensity for rape, and they’ve ALWAYS had a short fuse when it came to violence. They’ve ALWAYS had issues with work ethics. You may retort that these are vicious stereotypes, but they’re based on observed truth – truth that we see abundantly today, and that the Corporate Media tries desperately to hide. As always, I’ll point out that these tendencies are AVERAGES, and individuals will vary. Also, I’m not saying that white people can’t be lazy, be rapists or murderers, but they’re less likely than blacks; we see this in crime statistics quite consistently.

This is where Mr. Collins would step in and say, “Maybe black people wouldn’t have acquired such an unsavory reputation if white people hadn’t ENSLAVED them! You can’t enslave people for centuries, and then complain that they don’t act like gentlemen!”

This is true, but black people acquired their reputation long before the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Arabs and Persians noticed these traits many centuries before:

Furthermore, even if we attribute these negative traits to Jim Crow, it’s been several decades, and black crime and dysfunction has only been getting worse. The latest statistics show blacks being responsible for well over half the homicides in the US. Here’s a graph showing black illegitimacy rates in the US (courtesy of Wikipedia):

If slavery, or Jim Crow, were the cause of black dysfunction, then we would expect the above numbers to decrease over time. Obviously, the Civil Rights movement has not cured American blacks of their dysfunctions. If anything, it’s made them worse.

It’s important to understand that even though the reasoning behind Jim Crow laws was sound and logical, not all Southerners were well-educated in this respect. Like every other society, half of them were of below average IQ. Southerners who were not intellectuals would take a more crude view, and some were simply hateful and ignorant – but this doesn’t detract from the sound reasoning behind the origin of such laws. When I say this, I don’t necessarily mean that I support every aspect of Jim Crow, every law or statute, or every method of enforcement.

It’s also important to recognize that, just as we see media bias regarding current events (sometimes outright lies), so too is there media bias regarding PAST events. People are simply not told about the high crime rates of blacks in the past, just as they’re not told of them today. School children are told only about black victims of white racism, but not of white victims of black predation. Therefore, readers of this post will likely react with shock and disgust when they see my claims – because they’ve never been exposed to the other side of history. They’re not used to seeing blacks as predators, only as victims. The same applies to homosexuals or any other “protected group.”

Secondly, since about the same time that official anti-black discrimination ended, anti-white discrimination has taken its place. I document this in Government and Corporate Anti-White Discrimination – and what I’ve written there so far barely scratches the surface. The truth is that White America has been paying reparations to blacks for decades, in the form of money, benefits and blood. White America has been suffering from black crime and its secondary effects (higher insurance rates, higher taxes, depreciation of our homes, and longer commutes for example). White America has suffered from official government/corporate discrimination (as documented), and White America has suffered psychologically from being told, over and over again, how evil it is. As a result, many more whites have taken their own lives than have blacks, on a per capita basis. Our children are taught to hate their own history, our monuments torn down, our cities destroyed and our women groomed. This has been going on for decades. Where are OUR reparations?

This is not about White guilt or making White children feel bad – it’s about equity.

This may be true on paper, but in real life, it absolutely IS about making white children feel bad. One of the problems with the Establishment Left is that it treats children as if they’re adults with mature minds. In reality, when you tell a child that what he has, or what his parents have, is not the result of hard work, but of “white-privilege,” it’s going to make him feel bad (no matter how nuanced your explanation may be). When you tell him that his group is an oppressor group, it’s going to make him feel bad. Conversely, when you tell non-white kids that their ancestors were victimized by the ancestors of the white kids, the result is hatred and violence, as I documented in a recent post.

Checkout Elie Mystal “Allow Me to Retort” and John McWhorter ‘s writings on “Woke Nation” to get two divergent viewpoints from two very smart Black guys. The 46.7 million Black Americans are not going anywhere nor is there any plan to push other Americans out some race war that would destroy our country.

Maybe some day I’ll read those works, but for now, I’ll point out that there already is a plan to “push other Americans out” – if they happen to be white. The Establishment Left has made no secret of its intentions to reduce whites to minority status, and ultimately to eliminate whites altogether:

As for the 46.7 million American blacks, we absolutely should do what we can to allow them to reach their full potential, and to live with dignity… but this is not what we witness today. Instead, black Americans are put on a pedestal, with all levels of government and Corporate America focused almost exclusively on their welfare. Also, it’s not helping black Americans to constantly tell them that they’re oppressed. It’s more of a self-fulfilling prophesy than anything else.

The US government has paid reparations to Japanese-Americans and to the State of Israel( for actions that happened before I was born. As a member of American society, I accepted the societal responsibility. Take care.

Yes, as stated, if we can identify specific individuals or families that suffered from specific policies, then it might make sense to rectify the situation – and while we’re at it, white victims of forced busing should also get reparations, along with whites whose home lost value due to the influx of high-crime blacks, and those whose loved ones were murdered or raped by black criminals (as a result of lax prosecution/”racial justice”).

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One Response to Addressing a Pro-Reparation Argument

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Affirmative Action programs, racial set aside programs, penal reforms, and
    free-for-all looting, rioting,multipal,forms of criminality, parasitical political
    pandering, and outright MSM disinformation are all the reparations necessary.
    If you could release the collective wail of agony of non-black citizens caused by
    THEIR victimization by blacks, the creshendo of grief would rock this country to
    it’s very foundations.

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