Another Day, Another Asian Woman Beaten by a “White Supremacist”

NBC News reported on the latest brutal attack on a helpless Asian women:

Asian woman punched 125 times in New York attack, suspect charged with attempted murder as hate crime

A man was charged with attempted murder in what police have described as a “brutal hate-crime” against an Asian woman in New York last week, with video of the incident showing the woman being punched over 100 times.

Tammel Esco, 42, was arrested after allegedly calling a 67-year-old woman an “Asian b—-,” following her into a building and severely beating her on Friday in the city of Yonkers, about 10 miles north of New York City.

Esco was detained the same day shortly after the alleged incident when officers saw him still outside the building, but the Yonkers Police Department announced the arrest and released video of the attack on Monday.

Surveillance video from the building’s vestibule area show the woman was attempting to open the second door into the lobby when she was hit on the head from behind and fell to the ground.

Video shows the woman was punched 125 times, stomped on another seven times and spat on.

The race of the perpetrator is not mentioned in the article, and the accompanying photo is not clear. Here is a better quality photo of the disgusting animal that perpetrated this crime:

When are they going to do something about these horrific white-supremacist attacks?

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1 Response to Another Day, Another Asian Woman Beaten by a “White Supremacist”

  1. Lon Spector says:

    The present approach to crime fighting is like bailing out buckets of water
    from a row boat, while cutting holes in it at the same time.
    The nuts that foist these polices on ordinary citizens don’t have to face the
    consequences of their twisted actions.

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