Ukraine’s New Black Underclass

We’re used to thinking of Ukraine as being among the whitest of nations, but Martin King had a saying: Injustice Anywhere is Injustice Everywhere. According to the Establishment Left, the very existence of a robust white population is an “injustice.” It simply cannot be tolerated.

Many of Ukraine’s women and children are now refugees. As such, they are vulnerable to the sexual predations of African and Muslim rapefugees that now infest so much of Europe. From The Daily Mail:

Ukrainian 18-year-old refugee ‘is gang-raped by two men’ on board German hotel ship used to house people fleeing war

  • Woman, 18, allegedly raped while living in Ukrainian refugee housing in Germany
  • She was allegedly attacked by two Ukraine citizens, 37 and 26, from Iraq, Nigeria
  • Police have launched probe into the alleged assault, Dusseldorf prosecutors said
  • She was with 25 Ukrainians staying on hotel ship Oscar Wilde with paying guests

This case made it to the news, not that MSN will be featuring the story, but there can be no doubt that there are other victims. Some of these Ukrainian women will return to Ukraine with their half-breed babies, or with their African/Muslim boyfriends. This is one way to rid the world of “injustice,” that is to say, of a robust white population.

Another result of this war is that many young men will be killed. Word will get out that there are many lonely Ukrainian women. Guess who is going to answer the call?

There are already rumors that the government of Ukraine is seeking mercenaries from the one place on Earth where people still mass produce babies: Africa. From

Ukraine’s bid to recruit fighters from Africa sparks uproar

Nigeria, Senegal and Algeria have criticized Ukraine’s efforts to enlist international fighters as it resists the Russian invasion. Analysts say those who have responded to the call need to reconsider.

Russia’s war on Ukraine is barely two weeks old, but Kyiv is already attracting potential foreign fighters from as far away as Kenya.

“If Ukraine decides to pay me a very good amount of money, which I know I cannot earn here, I will definitely go there and fight,” said Kimanzi Nashon, a student in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

“When we go there, and then the war ends before anything happens, I will come back to Kenya and be a millionaire,” said Nashon.

No you won’t Nashon. Instead, you’ll fall in love with a young Ukrainian woman, and remain there, ultimately having several children with her, before leaving her for somebody else.

By hook or by crook, Ukraine is destined to acquire a large black underclass. This underclass will contribute heavily to organized crime. It will be the same pattern we see everywhere else: Natives being terrorized by the newcomers and their offspring, as the international community condemns Native Ukrainians for “racism against ‘marginalized communities,’ especially blacks.” There will be black politicians in government, supported by the usual self-hating whites, and seeing to it that their fellow blacks are given preferential treatment, just as we see in the US.

I’m not saying that all of this is necessarily orchestrated by the Establishment Left, but the situation will surely be exploited to its ends. As I write, there are leftists rubbing their hands together, laughing a sinister laugh – because they know that white people are being killed, and that they’ll be replaced by blacks. Of course, the end result is more crime, more environmental degradation, increased attacks on women and sexual minorities and more corruption. All of this, say the leftists, can be remedied by more laws and more government agencies.

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3 Responses to Ukraine’s New Black Underclass

  1. countenance says:

    The 18-year old Ukrainian woman has already left for Poland, presumably for safety.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I keep hoping at least ONE European country will get it, and realize what’s happening, and act accordingly. I don’t think Hungary is enough, especially when we consider the fact that even Hungary is NOT an ethnostate, at least to my knowledge.

  2. Lon Spector says:

    Many Middle Eastern refugees ARE ALREADY mixed in with the Ukrianian
    refugees coming into Western Europe and the U.S. It’s part of the population
    replacement plan that has already been implemented.
    The things you mentioned are presently happening now EVEN BEFORE war
    broke out in Ukraine. Interracial “relationships” have been hyped and promoted
    for many decades in the Media, educational system, and advertising, in
    general. The objective is to obliterate the white race by wiping out the white male.
    There are MANY strageties to do this. Ridiculing white males, promoting homo-
    sexuality, belittling white males masculinity,various ways to destroy the necular
    family. Essentially what white males have done in Asia-“sexual tourism”-is
    happening now in the U.S. The Asian male was unable to compete with the
    “European poacher” and had to eat a lot of frustration and rage. It’s happening
    here now.
    And don’t forget the process of turning females into addicts. The non-white
    “Lover Boy” does this in the cities of Western Europe and there are many pushers
    here in America. The addict does ANYTHING for a fix. Offering up her body is
    the least of it. Look at the film a number of years ago called “Requiem For A Dream.”

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