Are Jews a Race?

A gentleman who calls himself Strategic Mindwar, has published a video on YouTube called “Are Jews a Race.” He reached out to me to thank me for translating “The Ashkenazi Revolution” since he used it in his video. He also asked me to link to it in my blog:

It’s worth watching if you’re interested in Jewish history and ethnography. As for my own opinion, as I’ve stated before, Jews are not a race, but we’re a confederacy of ethnic groups with a racial element.

The video makes much of the fact that Jews come in all phenotypes, and that there are no defining “Jewish characteristics.” This is true, but much of this variety is a result of the Diaspora, intermarriage, conversion and rape over the generations. Some Jewish populations were more affected by this than others. Some probably are primarily descended from converts.

European Jews do have a Middle Eastern substrate, and this is due to the fact that our origins are in the Middle East. But we’re not the only Europeans who have Middle Eastern ancestry. After all, in ancient antiquity, farmers from Asia Minor swept through Europe and mingled with the natives. Some of those Asians would have had Middle Eastern features. Hence it’s not unusual for gentile central/Northern Europeans to sometimes have somewhat Mediterranean features. How much more so Southern Europeans, who actually ARE Mediterranean. European Jews represent a later migration from the Middle East, so even though half of us may have blue eyes, blonde hair or pug noses, Middle Eastern features would still be more common among European Jews than among central/Northern European non-Jews. The “Jewish stereotype” is based on reality; it wasn’t just conjured up for no reason. Over the generations, these features have been increasingly watered down.

Thanks to Strategic Mindwar for giving me full credit, and for linking to this blog.

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2 Responses to Are Jews a Race?

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Do the Jews call themselves a “people? That’s a bit more than an ethnic group
    but less than an identifiable “race.”
    A test conducted a few years ago demonstrated that there is a “relatedness”
    between Jews WORLDWIDE except for Scandinavia and sub-Saharian Africa.
    That’s why some orthodox rabbi’s wanted the Ethiopian “Jews” to undergo a
    ritual bath before they were accepted as Jews.
    Excommunication is rarely practiced among Jews. As long as one’s mother is
    a Jew they are viewed as Jewish.
    I once viewed a topical “public service program about bi-racial Jews, especially
    half black/half white Jews. Many of these poor people didn’t know where they fit
    in. A rabbi was a guest. He seemed most uncomfortable. The host said, “Well
    you’re saying they’ve got problems.”
    An interesting book written on this topic is “The Color Of Water.” It was about his
    Jewish mother who married a black man in the 1940’s and gave birth to 13
    biracial children. They all did well because she took great pains to see they were

  2. Lon Spector says:

    Yep. Some of the Jews’ worst enemies are other Jews.
    There WAS a “Black Panther” group in Israel. It was created by Middle
    Eastern Jews to protest their “mistreatments by the “white” majority.
    There were even “skin heads” in Israel.
    The word “kike” originated from German Jews who looked down on Eastern
    European Jewish arrivals to America.
    You should see a film called “Gentleman’s Agreement.” (1946).
    It was the definative statement about Anti-semitism.
    In one seen an “assimulated” (German?) Jewish secretary warns her boss against
    the “kiky ones.”

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