The End of My Stay in Dominican Republic

In a few days, I’ll be heading back to what used to be the United States, now the Soviet Socialist Republic of Wokistan. My plan is to return to D.R. after this year’s American Renaissance conference, which has already been announced to be in mid November.

Since I’ve been here for four and a half months, I’ve grown accustomed to many of the perks. This morning’s visit to the beach reminded me why I enjoy this place so much. I typically walk there right after my workout, because the cool water feels so good against my sweaty skin. This morning, the weather could not have been more perfect; the harsh mid-day heat had not yet set in, and the waves rocked with the gentle breeze. The sand was still clean, and only two or three other people were within sight.

Upon my return to the complex I’ve called “home,” I showered and reclined by the pool, socializing with some of the many Canadian snowbirds I’ve become acquainted with. “Another day in paradise!” announced the man; he says this every day, and it makes me feel like a character in a movie – The Truman Show. I wonder if he’s just a prop.

My life is not without worry; yesterday, I picked my last guanabana fruit, and there’s a slight chance it won’t be ripe by the time I leave. I might be forced to bequeath it to the Canadians. It’s in good company though, as I also have a pineapple and an avocado ripening on my counter.

A few days ago, I was lounging at the beach with another Canadian friend, and we spoke of the locals and their deficiencies. We noted that being on time is an alien concept to them; they run on “island time.” I pointed out that even though they’re never on time, they seem to always be in a hurry when they’re driving or riding, risking life and limb to gain a few seconds by cutting in front of vans and trucks on their scooters, sometimes with three or four family members (including babies) packed on the scooter. We noted the fact that littering and loud music are national pastimes. In a nutshell, many Dominicans are primitive.

There’s a silver lining to this: If Dominicans weren’t primitive, then the country would be developed, and we wouldn’t be able to vacation, or retire, here on the cheap. It would be as expensive as Switzerland or Japan.

Not only would it be expensive, but it might even be enslaved by excessive rules and regulations – just like the Soviet Socialist Republic of Wokistan.

As for me, my stay here was a great healing. Though I did get sick a couple of times, I’m in better health overall than I was before. I’m leaner, stronger, and more relaxed. One of my goals was to learn to not let the small things bother me, and it looks like I’ve succeeded to some extent.

I visited Sosua one last time, mostly just to show one of my neighbors, who had never been there. He was very impressed with the sheer volume of business that goes on there; it’s the ultimate “vibrant economy.”

When speaking with a friend recently by phone, he looked up “Sosua” and immediately learned that the place is known for prostitution, that the poor people have few opportunities. I had to correct him. Yes, there’s prostitution – but there are also literally hundreds of thriving businesses, including restaurants, banks, hair-dressers, supermarkets, art stores (many of those), gift shops, clothing stores, car rental places etc. etc. The streets throng with people from all over the world. In spite of all this, they manage to keep the place clean. There are plenty of opportunities in Sosua, so don’t believe everything you read.

The last time I wrote about Sosua, it was about its Jewish history. Here’s a shot that I missed back then:

That’s it for now; I’ve got important business to attend to, because the pool tables aren’t going to play themselves.

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    “You may leave here for four days in space,
    But when you return it’s the same old place.”

    -From the song “Eve Of Destruction”
    I suggest you locate to the Southern Hemesphere because Thermonecular war
    is inevitable. Every segment of society agrees on ONE thing. We MUST have
    World War 3.
    Three interesting films about the aftermath of WW3 are: “One The Beach, (1959)
    “The World, The Flesh, And The Devil, ” and “Five.”

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