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Portland’s Homeless Camps Turning into Shanty Towns

I may have already mentioned that the Portland area has gotten noticeably worse, regarding the homeless situation and graffiti, since before I left it several months ago. From a recent KATU article: With current hurdles including growing homeless camps, record … Continue reading

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American Sentenced to Death in China for Murder of Woman

An Associated Press article informs us that a Chinese mudshark, bypassing millions of eligible Chinese men of her own age, instead chose an American black man who was twice her age. From the article: BEIJING (AP) — An American man … Continue reading

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I’ll be Posting Less Frequently

Dear readers, As some of y’all already know, I’m back in the States. This means I’ve left the tropical life of leisure behind me for the time being. There are a lot of things taking up my time, all of … Continue reading

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Visiting a Deformed Jewish Temple

If any of y’all were missing me the last few days, know that it was for good reason: I was traveling back to Oregon, and stopping to visit family on the way. I had a splendid time, and no inclination … Continue reading

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