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Uvalde: How Gun Control Kills Kids

I’m not one to post about current events in their immediate aftermath, but as details emerge about the latest school shooting, I’m angry. Angry enough to vent my spleen on this blog. As the latest tragedy unfolded in Texas, the … Continue reading

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Emergent BioSolutions’ “Troubled Plant”

If you haven’t enjoyed the videos of Russel Brand, it’s not too late; his videos are on YouTube. Today, I’d like to focus on one in particular, where he draws from a New York Times article that reveals serious deficiencies … Continue reading

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Payton Gendron’s Anti-Semitism

Payton Gendron, who murdered several people in Buffalo recently, wrote a manifesto prior to his crime. I posted about it a few days ago, and wanted to follow up. Several pages of the manifesto are dedicated to “The Jews.” It … Continue reading

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Buffalo Mass Shooting Caused by Covid Lock-Down and Leftist Censorship

Yes, I once stated that we shouldn’t read manifestos made famous through violence, but I went ahead and read Payton Gendron’s manifesto anyway. You can find it here. The main reason I did so was confirm (or debunk) Corporate Media … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Countenance

Just over a year ago, I posted a poll, the post is called “A Most Morbid Poll.” The question was: What Form Will the Next Right-Wing Attack Take? A Mass Shooting A Bomb Attack by Vehicle A Stabbing Gas Attack … Continue reading

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This is Why They Hate “The Jews” #5

Until recently, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, wasn’t on my radar… … and then I saw this video: Who is this “Latino” who left communist Cuba to impose communism upon the United States? From Wikipedia: His father, … Continue reading

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Adrienne Westenfeld’s Perverse Take on “Most-Banned” Books

In an Esquire article, titled The 10 Most-Banned Books in America, Adrienne Westenfeld provides a perfect example of how the Left, specifically the “Woke Left,” turns reality on its head, and then presents it as truth to the gullible masses. … Continue reading

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Harassed for Being Straight in Portland

This is from Five oaks middle school has been hell for my daughter.. who else has had a hard time with the school? With no judgment or anything please I’ll explain. 1st she was being harassed buy a student … Continue reading

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