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Payton Gendron’s Anti-Semitism

Payton Gendron, who murdered several people in Buffalo recently, wrote a manifesto prior to his crime. I posted about it a few days ago, and wanted to follow up. Several pages of the manifesto are dedicated to “The Jews.” It … Continue reading

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Buffalo Mass Shooting Caused by Covid Lock-Down and Leftist Censorship

Yes, I once stated that we shouldn’t read manifestos made famous through violence, but I went ahead and read Payton Gendron’s manifesto anyway. You can find it here. The main reason I did so was confirm (or debunk) Corporate Media … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Countenance

Just over a year ago, I posted a poll, the post is called “A Most Morbid Poll.” The question was: What Form Will the Next Right-Wing Attack Take? A Mass Shooting A Bomb Attack by Vehicle A Stabbing Gas Attack … Continue reading

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This is Why They Hate “The Jews” #5

Until recently, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, wasn’t on my radar… … and then I saw this video: Who is this “Latino” who left communist Cuba to impose communism upon the United States? From Wikipedia: His father, … Continue reading

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Adrienne Westenfeld’s Perverse Take on “Most-Banned” Books

In an Esquire article, titled The 10 Most-Banned Books in America, Adrienne Westenfeld provides a perfect example of how the Left, specifically the “Woke Left,” turns reality on its head, and then presents it as truth to the gullible masses. … Continue reading

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Harassed for Being Straight in Portland

This is from Five oaks middle school has been hell for my daughter.. who else has had a hard time with the school? With no judgment or anything please I’ll explain. 1st she was being harassed buy a student … Continue reading

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