Harassed for Being Straight in Portland

This is from Nextdoor.com:

Five oaks middle school has been hell for my daughter.. who else has had a hard time with the school? With no judgment or anything please I’ll explain.

1st she was being harassed buy a student who identifies as a they because of my daughter being straight and not in love with them as they were with my daughter the school wouldn’t do anything about it due to the high profile situation it was. we had to threaten the superintendent that we would go to the news for them to do anything.

2nd then she has been bullied and they have not even done anything to stop it

3rd they talk to her everytime there is a situation when we tell them not to and don’t inform us of it when we call and they know what’s going on.

4th they searched her yesterday without calling and asking and not only that she was searched by a male into me I was always tried growing up never allow a man to search you always ask for a female on top of making sure your parents know what is going on before doing so

I am at a loss for words any advice help anything would be great

Yes it’s come to this. Children in the Portland area are being harassed for being straight.

In other news, I was stopped at an intersection today, and somebody (looked like a Mexican) decided to do several donuts, using an old beat up car, right there in the intersection in front of everybody. People looked on helplessly as this exhibition of lawlessness was rubbed in our collective faces in broad daylight. I’m not sure what any of us could possibly have done, and I’m fairly certain that there was no license plate; the car was probably stolen.

I also spoke to a man who works security at one of Portland’s hotels. He tells me that they have a lot of problems from vagrants, and that the police will do nothing, even if laws have clearly been broken. Sometimes, the private security team will beat up the offenders, because otherwise, no justice will be done. The police, unofficially, approve of vigilante justice.

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3 Responses to Harassed for Being Straight in Portland

  1. Lon Spector says:

    Portland is Mogodeshu on the North America continent.
    We need a Russian invasion here to clean up things. They would be more
    civilized and humane than the low-life vermin we interact with today.

  2. 370H55V says:

    But wait, it gets better!


    You know, for the past 6-8 months I’ve been reading non-stop about Joe Vegetable tanking in the polls and how a tidal GOP wave is in the offings in November.

    And yet, this sort of thing keep taking place, over and over again, and Oregon voters are quite OK with it and will return Kate Brown and big Dem legislative majorities so that they can keep doing it.

    The unpleasant reality that conservatives don’t wish to address is that this is a left-wing country and is accelerating further in that direction every day. It will take more than votes to correct that.

    • 370H55V says:

      Oops. Looks like Kate is term-limited. Oh well, no matter. A Dem (probably lesbian Tina Kotek) will win anyway. Oregon is just SO au courant.

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