This is Why They Hate “The Jews” #5

Until recently, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, wasn’t on my radar…

… and then I saw this video:

Who is this “Latino” who left communist Cuba to impose communism upon the United States?

From Wikipedia:

His father, Charles R. “Nicky” Mayorkas, was born in Cuba. He was a Cuban Jew of Sephardi (from the former Ottoman Empire, present-day Turkey and Greece) and Ashkenazi (from Poland) background. He owned and operated a steel wool factory on the outskirts of Havana. Nicky Mayorkas studied economics at Dartmouth College.

His mother, Anita (Gabor), was a Romanian Jew whose family escaped the Holocaust and fled to Cuba in the 1940s. The Cuban Revolution marked the second time his mother would be forced to flee a country she considered home

But of course, a Jew from Cuba is now in charge of the Ministry of Truth; he came here, as a suckling, to defecate on our First-Amendment rights.

This is not an isolated incident. Under Mayorkas’ watch, the DHS has granted $232,720.00 of our tax money to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University:

This project proposes a train-the-trainer professional development program for Volusia county’s secondary school educators to co-opt pedagogical tools and methods that challenge online violence mobilization narratives, increase awareness of violent extremist messaging and recruiting, and increase the capabilities of targeted populations to resist and counter messaging. Participants of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s train-the-trainer seminars will identify problematic online and media messages that could lead to radicalization to violent extremism, critically evaluate the problematic assumptions, data, or logic of those messages, and develop pedagogical strategies for teaching their own students to recognize and critically evaluate those messages. This applicant fulfills the grant program priority to achieve diversity of project type.

True to Biden’s vision of a Black America, Mayorkas has also generously granted another $400,000 of OUR MONEY to somehow combat extremism by promoting black music (ibid.):

Music in Common
Youth Resilience Programs
Music in Common’s Black Legacy Project aims to prevent targeted violence and terrorism by promoting social cohesion and integration through meaningful dialogue and sustained partnership between Americans across religious, cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, gender, and sexual orientation backgrounds and identities. The Black Legacy Project is an innovative musical collaboration that strengthens resistance to violent extremism by fusing music, multimedia, conflict transformation, and person to person dialogue and collaboration to foster a multi-generational exchange of perspectives. Throughout the project, participants will reimagine songs central to and centered around the Black American experience, write new songs that speak to modern day issues connected to racism, conduct live release events to share collaborative songs with the public, and hold virtual roundtables to discuss the impact of the program. This applicant fulfills the grant program priority to implement innovative solutions to preventing targeted violence and terrorism and to achieve diversity of applicants in the arts and entertainment sector.

Similarly, we shouldn’t be surprised to discover that Mayorkas is tight with his homie, Al Sharpton – who is an infamous bigot:

On April 8, 2022, Secretary Mayorkas delivered the following remarks to the National Action Network’s annual convention: 

Thank you very much, Dr. Richardson, for the very kind introduction, and good morning. I’m very honored and pleased to be here with you to share a few thoughts.  

I had the pleasure of speaking with Reverend Sharpton this morning, who, of course, is there to celebrate a momentous day in our nation’s history. And I shared with him that – I’m sorry, I will not be there myself – but I’ll be here speaking with all of you and certainly with him, and our country in spirit as we recognize a long overdue milestone.  

Mayorkas loves to pontificate on hate and racism, fancying himself a crusader of tolerance – but his admiration of Sharpton lays bear his hypocrisy. From Govtrack:

Condemning the racist and anti-Semitic views of the Reverend Al Sharpton

Whereas the Congress strongly rejects the racist and incendiary actions of the Reverend Al Sharpton;

Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘bloodsucking [J]ews’, and ‘Jew bastards’;

Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has referred to members of the Jewish faith as ‘white interlopers’ and ‘diamond merchants’;

Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton was found guilty of defamation by a jury in a New York court arising from the false accusation that former Assistant District Attorney Steven Pagones, who is white, raped and assaulted a fifteen year-old black girl;

Whereas, to this day, the Reverend Al Sharpton has refused to accept responsibility and expresses no regret for defaming Mr. Pagones;

Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton’s vicious verbal anti-Semitic attacks directed at members of the Jewish faith, and in particular, a Jewish landlord, arising from a simple landlord-tenant dispute with a black tenant, incited widespread violence, riots, and the murder of five innocent people;

Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton’s fierce demagoguery incited violence, riots, and murder in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, New York, following the accidental death of a black pedestrian child hit by the motorcade of Orthodox Rabbi Menachem Schneerson;

Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton led a protest in the Crown Heights neighborhood and marched next to a protester with a sign that read, ‘The White Man is the Devil’;

Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has insulted members of the Jewish faith by challenging Jews to violence and stating to Jews to ‘pin down’ their yarmulkes; and

Whereas the Reverend Al Sharpton has practiced the politics of racial division and made inflammatory remarks against whites by characterizing the death of Amadou Diallo as a ‘racially motivated police ‘assassination

We can only conclude that Alejandro Mayorkas is not “anti-racist” in any conventional sense of the term. Rather, he is anti-white and anti-America.

Congratulations, Mr. Mayorkas, for being the first Sephardic Jew to join the ranks of the vile parasites featured in the “This is Why They Hate The Jews” series. Now we have Diversity.

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5 Responses to This is Why They Hate “The Jews” #5

  1. Lon Spector says:

    You’ve no doubt heard “It takes all kinds to make a world.”
    This also applies to Jews. As you’ve shown us in former postings, there are many
    ethnic and political gradations to “The Jews.”
    Jacob Riis in “How The Other Half Lives,” spoke about “Jew Town.” (In N.Y.C.)
    He said, “Here you see both the ugliest and the prettiest women.”
    Jews are a people of contrasts. You’ve got “Captain Kirk” (Who could play
    anybody’s Nazi) and Edward Asner, who looks like the Jews in a Nazi
    Propaganda poster.
    Hitler was NOT Jewish but he had reason to suspect that his grandfather might
    have been. Ukraine has a Jewish President but he fronts for a Nazi Asov
    battlion. “The Jews” are a diverse and complicated people. So the saying goes
    “You don’t have to be Jewish to___________ (fill in the blank) but it helps”

  2. 370H55V says:

    Once more: if Hitler were non-white . . .

    • Lon Spector says:

      You mean if Hitler had the Democratic “D” after his name, Jews
      wouldn’t hesitate to vote for him.
      This shows that the secular Jew’s “religion” IS liberalism.
      Steve Bannon has a Jewish associate, and former Trump cabinet member
      Boris_____ on his War Room broadcasts. He is a rare exception and
      shills for MAGA. The trouble is Trump endorsed Dr. Oz for Senate.
      Boris is wrong to blindly follow every Trump endorsement. If Trump told
      him to jump off a cliff would he?

  3. 370H55V says:


    Stronger than that. I have made that statement so many times in various venues that I don’t even complete it now. The whole thing is “If Hitler were non-white, American Jews would be fighting for first place in line for the camps/gas chambers/ovens.”

    I have never shrunk from that assertion, and nothing I have ever seen since I first made it has convinced me otherwise.

  4. Akiva says:

    A JINO. Reminded of when the Rabbi of Moscow asked Trotsky to refrain from religious persecution and was strongly rebuffed. Ha’Shem gives the tools to make the Earth a paradise. But the weakness of pride and lust for power have led to destruction on a global scale by those that misuse this knowledge. It is why the building of the Third Temple is not wise at this time. The weapons of modern conflict are beyond those of the Romans. One might suspect that the end of Sodom and Gomorrah could be revisited on a global scale.

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