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How to Deal With Black Bullies

Here’s a comment from Amren that is worthy of its own post (I’m taking the liberty of editing the format for easier reading): The One Who Knocks I graduated in 1976 from a High School in Alabama. The school board … Continue reading

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Statistica Fudges Statistics, and CNN up to its Usual Tricks

Somebody posted this meme on the It’s Okay to be White space on Quora: The post was reported, and this was my response: Report reason: Harassment or Hatespeech (explanation: This answer is clearly racist and lists numbers that do not … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on Roe Vs. Wade

I’ll preface with the usual “I’m not an expert” disclaimer. I’m neither an expert on pregnancy, abortion, Constitutional law or state laws – but I am an expert on my own opinions, which are based on what little I do … Continue reading

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Only White Women Can be Fetishized

When a photo emerged showing a group of refugees studying French, some white-advocates “misinterpreted” the scene: It showed up on Quora, and my response was: I did some research on this, and some French people are saying that this is … Continue reading

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“Unarmed Invaders”

While reading the Payton Gendron’s manifesto, I came upon an important point, and made a mental note to come back to it later: The danger of the invader If you were to kill sixty armed invaders having shown the will … Continue reading

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