Only White Women Can be Fetishized

When a photo emerged showing a group of refugees studying French, some white-advocates “misinterpreted” the scene:

It showed up on Quora, and my response was:

I did some research on this, and some French people are saying that this is not actually “speed dating,” but French language immersion, where native speakers of different languages get together to learn French…

… but how convenient that ALL of the males are black, and ALL of the females are white…

How convenient, considering how much this type of pairing has been encouraged by Mediagov for many years. So maybe it’s not officially speed dating, but in practical terms, it might as well be.

Indeed, it’s been obvious to anybody who can see, that the European establishment has been specifically pushing for WHITE women to date non-white migrants and immigrants. We’ve seen numerous examples of this.

A clothing retailer in London recently put up this “street art:”

Given the history of pro-miscegenation propaganda in Europe, and given the fact that the vast majority of non-white immigrants (to Europe) are male, it’s pretty clear that the main thrust of this message is for Native women to have sex with immigrant men…

… but there’s a small possibility that somebody might misunderstand. It’s possible that somebody out there might get the wrong idea, and think it’s encouraging Native MEN to have sex with non-white women. Thus, we find Al-Jazeera’s Rosie Alfatlawi writing:

A piece of street art containing the phrase “sex with refugees is jasmine-scented and beautiful” in large letters has caused controversy after it appeared in London over the weekend.

The words, which were a promotional gambit for a clothing store, have been branded “horrific,” “appalling” and “weird…”

Critics suggested that the line instead served to cement cliched orientalist narratives.

In addition, much of the discussion fed by images of the graffiti shared online centered on the prejudiced assumption that refugees are more likely to be sexually violent.

Academic and commentator Amro Ali criticized the mural in a tweet, emphasizing that “supporting refugees does not include turning them into an orientalist fetish.”

According to theories of orientalism, Middle Eastern women have historically been reduced to exoticized and eroticized images in European artwork. 

“Imagine reducing refugees’ values’ as people to sex,” tweeted @AKHTARKHATA.

Making reference in this way to a vulnerable group of people with the aim of selling clothing was felt to be “in poor taste.”

“Where do they get off exploiting humans who have already suffered unimaginable horrors to sell overpriced [rubbish]?” asked comedian @JenBrister.

The “prejudiced assumption,” about refugee men being more sexually violent is based on established fact. It’s well-documented – though European governments have punished people for speaking up about it.

As for female non-white migrants, God forbid we FETISHIZE them! It’s only WHITE women who are to be fetishized. To the extent that female migrants are “vulnerable,” the danger is from male non-white migrants, not from Native European men.

The “street art,” and the accompanying outcry, are stark reminders that the Establishment Left will not tolerate any challenge to the sexual/racial hierarchy it has imposed. The ultimate goal of this hierarchy is the total eradication of whites.

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2 Responses to Only White Women Can be Fetishized

  1. Lon Spector says:

    “You think?”
    They don’t call it “conquest” for nothing.
    I read accounts by Holocaust survivors. It seems that when particularly
    attractive inmates were hung, that was the time when the inmates came
    closest to open revolt. Even in a concentration camp, the abuse of the
    “pretty ones” was felt more keenly. It seems like the brutal death of someone
    who looks like Amber Herd eliciststs more outrage than the death of the average
    “plain Jane.”

  2. Lon Spector says:

    The once was an ice cream shop called “Dairy Queen.”
    In their commercials they coined a brand new word. It was a combination
    of the words scrumpious and delicious: “Scrumdelicious!”
    We know what they’re coming to the West for: Something native Westerners
    can’t have.

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