My Thoughts on Roe Vs. Wade

I’ll preface with the usual “I’m not an expert” disclaimer. I’m neither an expert on pregnancy, abortion, Constitutional law or state laws – but I am an expert on my own opinions, which are based on what little I do know. So here they are:

Regarding the “right to abortion” itself, which I interpret as “the rights individuals have over their own bodies,” I think that women should have self-determination, a right to determine what happens to their own bodies. Of course, unborn babies also have rights, but as long as their existence is dependent upon their mothers (they are still physically attached to her), their rights should be subservient to the rights of the mother.

The mother’s right to terminate her pregnancy is limited due to the value of the baby’s life, and she should only be allowed to do so under certain circumstances. One of these circumstances is when the pregnancy is due to rape or incest. Another is if the baby is going to be severely deformed or disabled. If the woman’s health would be in jeopardy, this is another justification.

Therefore, I oppose Missouri Bill 126. It makes no provision for rape or incest, and a woman should not be forced to carry her rapist’s baby. Hopefully, Missouri will amend the bill soon.

As for the Supreme Court decision, it seems to me that the people who are most upset about it have little to no regard for the Constitution. The court’s job is to interpret the Constitution, and that’s what they did. Such decisions are the states’ responsibility. Generally speaking, leftists favor centralized government, and they’re absolutists. Everything must be the way they want it to be, and it must be so EVERYWHERE. Thus we see leftists striving to make everything Federal, and why they support One-World-Government. Communism and Islam are similar in this regard; they both seek world conquest, and this goal is inherent in both ideologies. Perhaps this is why so many leftists respect Islam – up to the point where they’re forced to battle each other.

I don’t agree with Missouri’s abortion law, or any other similar state laws, but there are 50 states Americans can choose to live in. If you’re an abortion advocate, then you might consider moving to California. If you can’t bear the thought of babies being torn to pieces for women’s convenience, then Missouri might be a good place for you.

Just as we should respect a woman’s autonomy over her own body, so too should we respect the right of conservatives to live their lives free from the dictates of the Leftist Elite. Women deserve self-determination, and so do conservatives. There are hundreds of millions of us in this country, and we’ll never agree on everything. The best thing we can do is to get out of each other’s way, and allow our various cultures to thrive.

Isn’t this the true meaning of “multiculturalism?”

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4 Responses to My Thoughts on Roe Vs. Wade

  1. Lon Spector says:

    I just got done looking at videos that show a swarm of Africian
    migrants hopping the fence into Spain. It truly was like a swarm of rats.
    There wasn’t a female among them. I don’t think it’s wise to blantently ban ALL
    A demented, virtue signaling, suicidal society in decline that has a masculinity
    crisis can ill afford to have it’s population violently defiled while fat frog
    billionars (Many of the Jewish unfortunately) feast on select sex slaves (like
    Jeffery Epstien and Harvey Winestien did) It makes Jews look bad like a
    Nazi propaganda poster of a Jew with exaggerated facial features with a whip in
    his hands, and writing underneath that says, “The scoruge of all mankind.”

  2. Klop says:

    Women kill their children when they are “inconvenient” and always have. The usual way was discarding a newborn in a ditch or on a side of a hill. Sometimes the child would be sacrificed to the gods for material comfort and continues to this day. Alyssa Milano fits the bill in this regard as she killed two of her children in utero so she could play a witch on TV without distraction. Elective abortion is murder, no question, and 100% when consensual sex is involved. The rape and incest loophole is so few that they are borderline negligible. Another favorite is the idiocy that in cases of nonviable in uterine pregnancies such as ectopic or missed, the dummies on social media are saying those surgeries will be made illegal. Nope, women advocating to kill their children only do so to make sure this birth control is available so they if they screw the “wrong” guy, the unworthy child won’t get in the way of their perceived cash and prizes. They are no better than women who kill infants and toddlers.

    • Lon Spector says:

      It’s true in fact, that in prior generations many babies were killed
      AFTER BIRTH. There were drowning buckets just for that purpose,
      and many were disgarded in wells.
      First generation incest is a questionable reason for abortion as
      the incidence of a deformed child is only slightly greater than
      ordinary breeding. There was an Austrian father who kept his
      daughter imprisioned and sired 7 children with her.

  3. How to decide the morality of abortion is simple. It is about the Soul. The command in the Ten Commandments about “Thou shalt not murder” has the import here.

    Catholic morality on abortion is based on Plato’s definition of the Soul. Plato defined Soul as that, that has self-movement. The Soul is the living force of the human being. All living things have a soul–the life force. There are three different souls, plant souls, animal souls and human souls. Here, the human soul is part divine. God personally gave us our souls. “God breathed into Adam”. God breathed Soul into Adam that is imparted to all of his generation.

    If Soul is the life force, if Soul is from God, then from the moment of conception–we see “Self-movement”—apart from the mother. The zygote is “Alive” therefore it has a Soul; the Soul is human, (from the beginning) and is therefore covered by “Thou shalt not murder”. We have NO authority to stop a human being unless that human being has committed crime, treason, or is attacking us or another human being unjustly.

    Abortion is murder. Only after the zygot implants itself does the cord develop connecting it to the woman for which it needs nourishment. For the woman to stop this event, is murder. In cases of grave deformity like missing a head, a threat to the woman’s own health may abortion occur. In the form of a very young child, abortion may occur. In rape, let a judge decide. A woman can and should continue the pregnancy but if her mental health can’t, abortion may. Incest likewise. But let a third party do the deciding with religious and Psychiatry counsel.

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