How to Deal With Black Bullies

Here’s a comment from Amren that is worthy of its own post (I’m taking the liberty of editing the format for easier reading):

The One Who Knocks

I graduated in 1976 from a High School in Alabama. The school board there made doubly sure you didn’t EVER stand up for yourself against a “black,” on school property. I can’t remember a single time that a black was disciplined for attacking a white, but it happened, several times a week at my school.

Our school board wasn’t about to jeopardize any of that massive infusion of federal tax dollars that came along with integration! We knew that if we stood up for ourselves on school property that WE would get expelled, never the black, always the white.

Well, we caught on pretty fast and started “settling” things off the school grounds, after school. We knew, growing up with them, that black troublemakers always moved in packs, because alone, they were cowards, so you had to, essentially, “hunt” the black that was causing the problems and find out his habits and when he would be alone at a particular place and time. It was a lot like deer hunting.

The white boys organized themselves into a, well, let’s call it a “mutual protective association,” that we had learned about from our fathers and grandfathers, and we developed a really good intelligence network that traded information on the movements of different troublesome blacks, especially the really evil and violent ones that caused the most problems. We also had to have meetings with several aggravating whites as well.

Let me say here, though, that 85% of the blacks I went to school with were no problem at all. They were like the rest of us, just trying to get through school and graduate so they could get busy living. Of course, that was a far different time than today, when most white, AND black, homes had two parents in them and most went to church. It was just that 15%, and not even all of them, that we needed to keep in line. That 15% included, say, 11% of just general hell raisers, that liked to drink, and smoke weed and cut up, that didn’t need to be in school in the first place, those you could reason with. It was the 4% that needed any “adjustment,” and only a 1/2% of them that need “serious adjustment.”

If we had one that was causing a lot of problems, we would catch him off guard and surround him with 10 or 12 beefy “good ‘ole boys and give him a ‘warning.” We told him that “this first one was for free,” the next time we had to come looking for him, he wasn’t going to be able to walk away from the meeting. Of course, if he had any sense, he had probably heard of our little group beforehand, and we wouldn’t have any more trouble out of him. But then, there were those obstinate, bull-headed ones, that just wouldn’t take the hint and see reason. Those were the ones we had to make a special “example” out of.

The stories you hear of “poor little black angels being beaten and harassed by gangs of vicious white men” are usually because the “poor black angel” didn’t take the warning seriously and kept causing trouble. For example, we had a particularly stupid and violent black that actually pulled a knife on a white female gym teacher and put his hands on her! I don’t think I need to tell you that he did NOT fare well at our initial meeting, but he was an extremely fast learner, given the proper motivation. It is absolutely amazing how allergic black skin is to hickory wood moving at just a moderate velocity! They break out all over with spontaneous bleeding, bruises and whelps, and, in the worst cases, broken bones and dislocated jaws! After exposing this one to just a minor hickory treatment, we never had to meet with him again. As a matter of fact, he moved away shortly after his first “adjustment”.

This is how it should be done, and under no circumstances should people allow themselves to be trampled upon, persecuted, assaulted or threatened. When the authorities refuse to protect citizens, especially children, then it becomes the responsibility of the citizens to protect themselves.

Of course, the media would lie about it, and frame it as “anti-black racism,” as the commenter already pointed out. At this point, we should never believe stories of anti-black racism as reported in the media, even though sometimes they might be accurate. In most cases, we should assume that they’re lying, probably by omission.

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One Response to How to Deal With Black Bullies

  1. Lon Spector says:

    1976 was another time and another place. Things like that would never
    fly today. We live in a completely topsy and tervy Orwellian world, where
    even using poor descriptive nouns can get you locked up.
    America 2022 is a demented, demon possessed, and suicidal husk of a
    nation; Very much like stage 4 terminal patient on the ICU ward with a
    “Do not recessatate” sign above the bed.
    We have reaped what we have sown.

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