Targeting the “Urban Community”

Race-realists have sometimes noted that whites and Asians tend to value quiet, while browns and blacks tend to value noise. I wrote about it here.

Even white race-denialists sometimes notice this, but even though they may value quiet themselves, when the noise comes from their pet ethnicities, they’ll refuse to condemn it, preferring to describe it as “vibrancy” or something to that effect.

It’s interesting to see how creative leftists can be when using words to approach “delicate” topics. Take this petition for example:

New Florida Law Makes Blasting Music in Car A Punishable Offense

A new Florida statute goes into effect July 1, that makes it unlawful for anyone in a vehicle to turn up their radio too loud. According to this law, audio coming from a vehicle that can be heard from a distance of 25 feet or more can result in a traffic infraction of $114. This law is clearly geared toward the urban community and gives officers reasons to perform unwanted searches.

“The urban community?” Why don’t they just come out and say “blacks and Hispanics?” The answer should be obvious: Doing so would be admitting that blacks and Hispanics are loud, and that would be RACIST. By using such euphemisms, the petitioner hopes to (plausibly) deny allegations of characterizing NAMS as loud, while at the same time advocating for their right to be loud. allows signers to comment about the reason they signed a give petition. A glance at the comments shows that some signers do understand that “urban community” means non-whites:

Marlowe Moreland

Kids schools are getting shot up, countries at war, kids starving but they worried about how loud some music is. This is targeted to a specific race and culture. Standing firm on what’s right!!

Unfortunately, there is no option to comment on why we DIDN’T sign a petition.

I wish we had such a law here in Oregon; loud cars, and loud music from cars, is a problem here. More and more people are complaining about it, because it prevents us from sleeping at night, and interferes with the quiet enjoyment of our homes. Those who inflict their loud music (or cars) upon others are criminals, and they should be prosecuted.

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2 Responses to Targeting the “Urban Community”

  1. Lon Spector says:

    With cop killing being legalized, who the hell is going to enforce it?
    BTW, The Buffalo and Uvaldee mass murderers knew each other. BOTH
    spoke to FBI agents in chat rooms. Don’t be surprised if this also applies to
    the Fourth Of July killer. Another massacure was narrowly averted in
    Richmond V.A.
    Spaced out logistical False Flags leading up to Election Day (IF there is an
    Election Day.)
    The best course for the Janurary 6 inquisition is to produce a tape with
    Trump’s voice saying “racist” things about blacks and Latinos and “sexist” things
    against women. The media will endlessly hype it, and Trump’s denials will be

  2. Lon Spector says:

    The July 4th killings attracted the attention of Israel. The community they
    occurred in was predominately Jewish. The killer had previously tried to
    enter a synagouge on Passover. He was thrown out.
    The “Jewish angle” is part of the false flag. They’re already pushing for gun
    control, with “Jewish” voices prevalent.

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