ABC News Misleading the Public About Guns

Here’s one of today’s MSN headlines:

As it turns out, 3 people were killed in that shooting. It probably would have been a lot more, if not for an armed citizen who shot the murderer dead. From the article:

The suspected shooter had a rifle with several magazines of ammunition, and he entered the food court and began shooting, Ison said.

The chief said a good Samaritan who was armed shot the gunman, who appeared to use a long gun, according to Ison. The suspect was “shot by an armed individual,” Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers also said.

The problem is that the ABC article doesn’t mention the good Samaritan until the fifth paragraph. This detail should have been in the headline.

This is typical, and what we’ve learned to expect. There have been so many shootings recently that most readers will simply gloss over the headline. Few of them will actually read the article, instead considering it a minor incident. In fact, this does NOT even qualify as a “mass shooting” due to the low number of people killed – and that’s the real story: A mass shooting was averted because an armed citizen was present.

If Biden, and his supporters, had their way, the good Samaritan would not have been armed, and many more people would have been killed.

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One Response to ABC News Misleading the Public About Guns

  1. Lon Spector says:

    They’re disappointed that there was an armed citizen to stop the
    slaughter. They WANT these continuing false flag attacks right up to
    Election Day. The lives of the peons meaning nothing to them, but they
    will certainly exploit the stories for political gain.
    THE GREAT TURD FLINGING MONKEY says there are 3 things to watch out
    1) Vaccine Passports: Movements will be tracked completely.
    2) Digital Currancy: You won’t be able to buy, sell, or hold a job unless you
    3) Gun confiscation: Which enables the above to take place.
    I’m sure you’ve heard of the N.Y.C. bodega owner who was arrested for
    second degree murder who had the temerity to defend himself against a
    raging ex-convict. He was able to kill the beast but his girlfriend still stabbed the
    shop owner.
    What’s happening in this country is NOT incompetence. It is by pure design.
    The disease is so intensive, it CANNOT be reversed by the results of an
    election. It’s highly unlikely there’s going to be an election.

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