The Unbearable Whiteness of Milwaukie, Oregon

I had the opportunity to visit the Milwaukie, Oregon area recently. It’s near Portland, and it’s a hotbed of Wokeness; When Trump was in office, I remember seeing senior citizens there parading with “Dump Trump” signs. Now that they got Biden in office, I hope they’re enjoying the increased inflation and crime…

… but realistically, neither inflation nor crime is likely to affect them much. You see, Milwaukie is a relatively affluent area. It’s also almost 100% white. This is why leftism can thrive; the inhabitants don’t have to confront the ugly byproducts of their own dogma. No homeless camps are to be seen on the streets of Milwaukie, gang activity is minimal, if it exists at all. The buildings of Milwaukie are mostly free of graffiti, and women can walk alone unmolested. Children play on the streets, and they have lemonade stands. The elderly don’t have to worry about becoming victims of the Knock-Out Game.

But all this comes at a cost. When I attended a street fair in Milwaukie, this is what I found:

… Are you shocked? You should be!! Practically everybody in the video is WHITE!! What good is safety, civility, peace, quiet, harmony and cleanliness if there’s no Diversity? Personally, I don’t understand how those people can carry on like that. Can’t you see the anguish in their faces? Can’t you sense the depressing atmosphere? Do you notice the yearning in their faces, the overriding NEED for vibrancy? Where’s the loud rap music, the reassuring presence of sagging youth, the excitement of lively brawls, and the sensuality of cat-calls and groping by virile teens? The chatter of children and elders is so boring when not punctuated by gunfire. It’s unbearable. It’s unbearably WHITE!

Somebody tell Biden, so he can send some Somali refugees, and inner-city youth, their way – for their OWN GOOD!

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One Response to The Unbearable Whiteness of Milwaukie, Oregon

  1. Lon Spector says:

    I live in the New York area. I attended High School with a high
    achievement, super intellectual, (and liberal) Jewish boy. He was
    involved in many school activities. He got his liberalism from his parents
    who were involved with “Civil Rights.”
    In those days, the schools would host visits from people from civil rights groups.
    They had the free run of the school. They would openly criticize, and repremand
    the mostly white student body. I thought they had their hands in many things
    they didn’t need to, and exceeded their authority.
    I graduated a year before the Jewish boy and lost track of him. I wasn’t on the net
    until age 54 and thought I look him up to see how his life turned out. He attended
    university in New England and located in the region. He has his irons in many
    fires, and is primarily a writer. I read his father’s obiturary and found out that
    he lived in Oregon. If any liberal would have located to a liberal Mecca it would be his father. I wonder if many east coast Jewish liberals go to the Oregoian
    “promised land” once they retire from their jobs in New York.
    There’s no accounting (His father was an accountant) for why people want to
    suicide themselves and their nation.

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