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MSN Blocks the Term “Black Boys” but Not “White Boys”

In the story “Kentucky Man ‘Unprovoked’ in Slitting Throats of Two Strangers at Nightclub: Police” MSN did not follow its usual guidelines, and actually allowed comments. One commenter, whose brain had been filled with propaganda, claimed that most American mass … Continue reading

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Niggers are the Same Everywhere

I knew what I was getting into when I moved to Dominican Republic. It’s a tradeoff, and I don’t regret it. Things are much cheaper here, and I actually have a social life; it’s SO easy to make new friends … Continue reading

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My Prediction for Europe’s Winter

It will get cold in Europe this winter, and heating costs are exceedingly high. People will be using wood for heating, and maybe even cooking. My prediction is that Western European governments, especially Germany, UK and France, will allow their … Continue reading

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California State University professors sue over caste policy, allege discrimination

From The Religions New Service: LOS ANGELES (RNS) — Two California State University professors are suing their employer — the largest public university system in the United States — as they try to prevent officials from enforcing a new caste discrimination policy … Continue reading

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Nobody is Safe on YouTube Anymore

I’ve long maintained that corporations that oppress white-advocates will eventually victimize others as well. If an organization so lacks a moral compass that it’s capable of marginalizing white-advocates, then that same lack of a moral compass will manifest itself in … Continue reading

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In Times of Forced Conversion, Do Not Compromise on Anything!

From the New York Post: A Christian physician’s assistant is suing a Michigan hospital for allegedly firing her for refusing to use transgender pronouns or refer patients for “gender reassignment” procedures. Valerie Kloosterman insists that during her 17 years at … Continue reading

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The 40-Year Robbing of Rural America

Sometimes, when it suits its purposes, the Establishment Left pretends to care about white Americans. When a local friend sent me an interview with Professor Marc Edelman, I quickly recognized that the author is a priest of the Church of … Continue reading

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“Science the Shit Out of Life”

A relative gave me a book recently, since she knows I like science. It’s called “Science the Shit Out of Life.” It’s composed of short chapters, each of which tackles questions that commonly pop up in life. The graphics are … Continue reading

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Nine Organizations at Berkeley Law School Ban Zionists. Leftist Jews shocked!

Some of my new friends here in D.R. are Jewish, and one of them shared a Jewish Journal article with me today: October 3, 2022 We, the undersigned Jewish and pro-Israel organizations, are disappointed by recent events at the University … Continue reading

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Why I haven’t been posting

In a nutshell, I’ve moved to Dominican Republic for an extended period of time, and I’ve been busy building my life here, equipping my home with necessities, learning how things are done, and making lots of new friends. Over the … Continue reading

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