“Science the Shit Out of Life”

A relative gave me a book recently, since she knows I like science. It’s called “Science the Shit Out of Life.” It’s composed of short chapters, each of which tackles questions that commonly pop up in life.

The graphics are deliberately pixelated, and include a variety of cartoon characters. Let’s science the shit out of them!

In the chapter called “The Best Time, Mathematically, to Settle Down,” we find this graphic:

What does science say about this? That the authors (a white man and an Asian man) are trying to tell us that white women are better off picking black men as partners. It’s SCIENCE!

In another chapter, called “What Science Knows About Successful Marriages,” this message is confirmed, at least the part about black men being superior:

We see this theme, explicitly shown, at least twice more, in the chapter “How Much Sex Should You be Having:”

… and in the chapter “What’s Better, Book or E-Reader?:”

It’s true that, in some of these images, race is unclear, but if we’re going to science the shit out of it, we can only conclude that the authors consider black men to be superior partners for non-black women.

In order for propaganda to be effective, it should be somewhat subtle. Therefore, the book does contain one or two images showing white men with (possibly) black women – but only in a business context.

The most effective lies are those that are mixed with truths. The book does contain a lot of actual information, and I wonder if the writers’ primary motive is to spread science, and cloak it in propaganda for better marketing, or perhaps propaganda is the primary goal, and science is only the vehicle.

What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Science the Shit Out of Life”

  1. countenance says:

    And here I thought, adding from now personal experience, that pure straight up compatibility was the key to a successful marriage. Then again, I’m so old, what do I know, nobody’s paying attention to me, yadda yadda.

  2. Old Fart says:

    This book and its authors seem to know nothing about what makes a marriage that functions well and lasts for two lifetimes.

    According to what you extracted from the book, and reprinted, in my humble opinion what makes a marriage function well and lasts for the lifetimes of the marital partners can be quantitatively measured by the divorces rates among different “sociological matings”! I recall data from the Brookings Institution that tabulated the rates of divorce among various groupings of Americans, categorized by heterosexual marriages and corresponding divorce rates and average length of marriage at time of divorce. The “matings” were White Men, Black Men, Asian Men, Latino Men and the corresponding women. These classifications may not cover all of the combinations that one might find amongst normal heterosexual people in the USA, but it still covers a large portion of the American population such that the data would have good statistical validity! I do apologize for not having a reference for the report, for linking to it.

    The matings with the lowest divorce rate was surprisingly WM/BW. The speculation was that neither party in such a marriage would have an easy time finding an alternative partner. As well, the BW is likely “moving up” sociological and economically by marrying a WM with the additional benefit that the nuclear family created will be quite stable and therefore redound to the benefit of the spawn, if there are any. The next lowest divorce rate was unsurprisingly WM/WW. I do remember that the mating with the highest divorce rate was unsurprisingly BM/WW! The explanation for the highest divorce rate included the relatively low economic “ability” of the BM partner to support the nuclear family, the intrinsic violence and lack of psychological stability of the BM partner, and the lack of educational “attainment” of the BM partner (often compared to the WW partner) that influences the inability to create a stable nuclear family environment.

    So, with regard to what this book propagandizes, my comment is that the book and its authors are full of sh_t and certainly know very little about science!! What do I know about science? I did my doctoral in the subject of nuclear physics.

    • jewamongyou says:

      The low divorce rate for WM/BW is not surprising at all, when we take into account the massive propaganda campaign to get white women to mate with black women. There is no corresponding campaign to get black women to mate with white men. Hence, when a black woman and white man marry, it’s not due to propaganda (they’re going AGAINST the prevailing trend/message), and they probably have a deeper connection. White women with black men couples are more likely to be (subconsciously) a result of propaganda, and their relationship is more superficial.

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