In Times of Forced Conversion, Do Not Compromise on Anything!

From the New York Post:

A Christian physician’s assistant is suing a Michigan hospital for allegedly firing her for refusing to use transgender pronouns or refer patients for “gender reassignment” procedures.

Valerie Kloosterman insists that during her 17 years at Metropolitan Hospital, she had never “used pronouns contrary to a patient’s wishes” or needed to refer anyone for “gender transition” drugs or surgery.

However, she was ordered to do both as part of mandatory diversity training after a takeover in 2021, according to a lawsuit filed on her behalf by the religious rights law group First Liberty.

She requested an opt-out because of her religious beliefs, while offering a “work-around” by using names instead of pronouns where necessary, the lawsuit said.

Instead, she was called “evil” and a “liar” — and a diversity manager “blamed her for gender dysphoria-related suicides,” according to the lawsuit.

Conservatives, and Christians, are outraged because this woman was forced to choose between her religious convictions and her job.

In my opinion, it’s even worse than that; she was forced to choose between her chosen religion, and the official religion of the State. Usually, when a group of people tries to force another group of people to recite certain words, it’s because the former is trying to force its religion upon the latter. In the case of Wokeness, the reciting of “pronouns” is very much like the reciting of Shahada in Islam. It’s a declaration of faith.

Working from memory, because I can’t find the sources online, Judaism recognizes disparate circumstances when determining whether a person should sacrifice his life for his faith. In normal times, a Jew is not required to martyr himself unless he’s being forced to commit a public sin, or one of the three cardinal sins (murder, idolatry or sexual crimes). In times of deliberate religious persecution, however, a Jew is supposed to martyr himself even over the color of his shoelaces. No act is considered “trivial” in times of religious persecution.

I’m not saying that people should martyr themselves rather than acquiesce to the Cult of Pronouns; I’m saying that even if in normal times, we’d be okay with addressing people by whatever titles or pronouns they prefer, since we’re not living in normal times, we need to stand our ground even over the most “trivial” things.

We’re living in a time when the State is trying to force its religion upon all of us. We must resist any way we can.

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3 Responses to In Times of Forced Conversion, Do Not Compromise on Anything!

  1. Jklp1943 says:

    Jews are hypocrites. They have been trying to force conversion of the population through stealth for years. Every Hollywood bullshit artist hid their true name like those sssholes curtis and Douglas. They tried and were successful in turning Christmas into nothing holidays through their bullshit songs like let it snow. They treat the holocaust as beyond study while not giving two shits about any other ethnic cleansing. Their whoreshit ideologies today are just an expansion of what the adl and secular jews have been doing from rhe start.

    • jewamongyou says:

      You’ve got some truth mixed in here, along with half-truths. Your claim about Jews “not giving two shits about any other ethnic cleansing” is way off. Even secular Jews overwhelmingly DO care about such crimes. We’ve seen this over and over again – except, of course, when the victims are whites/Christians.

      As for “trying to force convert the population,” you seem to imply that Jews are trying to convert gentiles to Judaism. This is certainly not the case. Secular Jews are trying to convert the world to Communism/Wokeness. Religious Jews aren’t trying to convert anybody to anything.

      Of course, there are legitimate concerns about secular Jews infiltrating, and destroying, so much that we hold dear. I’ve been writing about it for a while.

  2. Jklp1943 says:

    Exactly, they don’t give twonshits about the boer ethnic cleansing, the Armenian genocide or for all their blather, the holodomor carried out by a Marxist atheist jew. They pass laws outlawing criticism or study of the Jewish ethnic cleansing like to its the holiest relic. And yes, secular jews are the leaders of this bullshit, but religious jews never said a word because they never cared about their countrymen since they considered themselves jews first. Now religious jews are dealing with the current secular jew replacement religion and honestly have no right to complain since they enabled it. They enabled that asshole sorts and turning blacks and other “minorities” into weapons. The assault on the Christian European has been enabled for a while, even after their rescue by the so called racist Americans all those years ago.

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