Nobody is Safe on YouTube Anymore

I’ve long maintained that corporations that oppress white-advocates will eventually victimize others as well. If an organization so lacks a moral compass that it’s capable of marginalizing white-advocates, then that same lack of a moral compass will manifest itself in other ways as well.

So it is with YouTube. Years ago, most white-advocacy channels were purged from YouTube – and, other than the victims themselves, nobody seemed to care.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the most wholesome channel on YouTube (or at least in the top ten): How to Cook That by Anne Reardon. There is absolutely NOTHING objectionable, or offensive, about Mrs. Reardon’s channel. There is nothing controversial about it. She, and her lovely family, don’t appear to have a mean bone in their bodies.

As a public service, Mrs. Reardon sometimes debunks dangerous hacks. She’s all about safety. One of these videos, which exposed the extreme danger of fractal burning, took off big time. Just after the video went viral, and was reaching the top of the charts, YouTube removed it:

At the time, I felt that this confirmed my impression of YouTube moderators: They’re worthless – even though they did reverse the decision on appeal, and after a Twitter outcry; the damage had been done.

While Mrs. Reardon never goes into politics, Caitlin Doughty. who runs the YouTube channel Ask a Mortician, has left occasional hints that she’s a lefty. Still, most of her videos are above reproach. Her overall message is that large, corporate, funeral homes often fail to serve their clients well, and the death and dying could stand to be more personal in America. Also, people should have more freedom when it comes to disposing of their dead. Her videos are well-researched, creative, educational and definitely non-offensive. Yet YouTube saw fit to strike down a recent video she spent months producing:

Of course, I commented that she should move to Rumble or BitChute. I think even leftists should move away from YouTube, and join alternative venues. Russel Brand, something of a leftist himself, has reached the same conclusion. His main venue is now Rumble.

Freedom of speech is for EVERYBODY. We all need to cherish it and protect it.

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2 Responses to Nobody is Safe on YouTube Anymore

  1. Jklp1943 says:

    Who runs youtube and Google again? Where do their loyalties lie? What do they identify as and who do they swear fealty too? Glad we got that out of the way.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I’m a little puzzled by your comments Jklp. You seemed to be under the impression that the Jewish Question was off limits here, or that I was unaware of the shameful role my people have played in the ongoing genocide of whites. It’s not news to me, or to most of my readers.

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