My Prediction for Europe’s Winter

It will get cold in Europe this winter, and heating costs are exceedingly high. People will be using wood for heating, and maybe even cooking.

My prediction is that Western European governments, especially Germany, UK and France, will allow their migrant populations to destroy forests for firewood. Unlike Native Europeans, who will mostly harvest branches and already dead wood, migrants care nothing about the forests; they’ll chop the trees down. The governments will give tacit approval, because these governments care deeply about the wellbeing and comfort of non-white migrants – more so than the environment. Even the so-called “Green Parties” will remain mostly silent as Europe’s forests are destroyed. If anybody is prosecuted for damaging said forests, it will be Native Europeans. Migrants will mostly be allowed to do as they please.

As this comes to pass, and you read about it on alternative news sites, ponder the irony. Fuel prices are high in Europe mainly due to environmental activism. This will be a perfect example of how “progressive” policies bring about exactly the opposite of what they’re supposed to accomplish. As Europe’s remaining forests disappear, under the weight of a migrant-fueled population explosion, remember that it was “environmentalists” and “progressives” who did this.

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  1. countenance says:

    I still think Der Scholzomat is going to blink. He can’t be that insane.

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