Niggers are the Same Everywhere

I knew what I was getting into when I moved to Dominican Republic. It’s a tradeoff, and I don’t regret it. Things are much cheaper here, and I actually have a social life; it’s SO easy to make new friends here. A lot of my new friends are Jewish, and most are American.

In the past, people have told me negative things about French Canadians, and I never gave it much thought, but now I find myself surrounded by them. They’re not in my circle of friends, but more like neighbors. I can see why they’d get a bad rap, not that they’ve been particularly mean to me. It’s just that, in their zeal to maintain their Frenchness, it looks like they’ve rejected some of the more civilized traits of Anglo-Canadians. They reject English, and that’s fine. They reject “Canadian Thanksgiving,” and that’s fine. But they appear to be disproportionately overweight, chain-smokers, alcoholics and boisterous. In short, throwbacks to an earlier era, when white people were still largely ignorant and crude. No doubt, a lot of what I’m seeing is selection bias, in that this is the type of person who comes here – but I don’t see it as much with other groups. Maybe it’s just that I don’t have those other groups as neighbors. Thoughts?

Dominican music isn’t bad. Some of it’s rather pleasant. Unfortunately, like flies to cow pies, the lower-IQ segment of the population is attracted to nigger rap. Locals have even commented that they’re seeing more and more of it. When I go to the gym, nigger rap is blasted at high volume (I’m switching gyms soon). At the beach, the peace and tranquility is often ruined by nigger rap boats. Even at the supermarket, a nigger was carrying his nigger box, and blasting nigger rap. Some of the shops play it, and passing cars inflict it upon innocent bystanders.

You see, sagging is not a thing around here. I have yet to see anybody sagging. Walking with a swagger is also not a thing; people are laid back, and they don’t seek to express dominance, or show how tough they are. Yes, they’re black/mulatto/mestizo – but unlike some parts of the US, they won’t aggressively bump into you if you don’t yield to them on the narrow sidewalk.

That being said, how is a nigger supposed to advertise to the world that he’s a nigger? He blasts nigger rap. That’ll do the trick, because just as one fly is enough to spoil a bowl of soup, one nigger is enough to spoil an otherwise pleasant trip to the beach, gym or restaurant.

It’s the same all over the world; the lower, trashy, strata of a population will naturally be attracted to nigger rap. They don’t even need to understand the lyrics. It’s the loudness and “stick it to the man” aspect of it that appeals to them. If the rest of us are annoyed by it, that’s the point. It’s weaponized noise.

I’ll opine that those who do NOT inflict it upon others, but only seek to enjoy it through their ear buds, or quietly in their own homes, are not true niggers. A REAL nigger’s primary goal is to show his contempt for the rest of the world, because… racism or whatever other junk was stuffed into his head by the powers-that-be.

I was sitting at a restaurant with a bunch of friends, when a passing car drowned out our conversation with high-volume nigger rap. The British man I was trying to talk to blurted out “FUCKING NIGGERS.” I had shown him, the previous day, that it’s okay to use that word as an accurate description. A black man a couple of tables over, who might have been English speaking, seemed uncomfortable. I considered going over to him, to explain that the term is not based on race, but on behavior. In fact, none of us even SAW the nigger in question; we only heard him, and that was enough. I decided against it, because it should be self-evident in that situation.

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  1. 370H55V I/me/mine says:

    Thanks much for that. Refreshing to see someone not holding back for fear of causing “harm”.

  2. Lawrence Buckingham says:

    Hello Jay : Hello from Paris that is. Nice to read you again. You might remember me I’m arturo (fake name) from now-offline Chrimes of the Times. I was reading you (and enjoying very much) your blog many years ago. I feel like I travelled with you to Ethiopia (“spiders on the menu”!!) Sincerely, – Arturo de Gheaube

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