MSN Blocks the Term “Black Boys” but Not “White Boys”

In the story “Kentucky Man ‘Unprovoked’ in Slitting Throats of Two Strangers at Nightclub: Police” MSN did not follow its usual guidelines, and actually allowed comments.

One commenter, whose brain had been filled with propaganda, claimed that most American mass murderers are white – and he used the term “white boys.”

When I tried to respond to Ezekial, MSN wouldn’t accept my comment. Instead, I got an error message that “something went wrong,” and the message links to MSN “community guidelines,” which state:

This is a safe, inclusive, and respectful forum where participants are responsible for their posts and how they treat one another. Civil discussion requires respect, even in disagreement.

As a test, I changed “black boys” to “white boys,” and the comment was published with no problem.

What do we learn from this? That only blacks are worthy of respect, but not white people. It’s perfectly okay to refer to white men as “white boys,” even though this is a widely used derogatory term toward whites.

Of course, the perpetrator is black, but I was unable to find out the identity of his victims.

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