Jeffrey Sachs: CCP Shill and Hater of America

A local friend of mine sent me this video, thinking that I might be swayed by it. In which direction he hoped to sway me remains unclear.

If you’ve got the stomach to watch this entire video, and enough brain cells to critically appreciate what Sach’s is saying, then you’ll agree with the title of this post; Sach’s is a CCP shill and an America-hater.

I did not hold my punches when replying to my friend.

How can ANYONE say, with a straight face, that the US has been more violent than any other country (including China, the subject of this talk) in light of the tens of millions murdered (through starvation and other means) by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) – the SAME exact party that now rules China? My friend went on to argue that the forced sterilizations of Native Americans, and other non-whites, by the US government more than makes up for that. Really? What about the forced abortions by the CCP? The concentration camps for the Uighurs, that are still operational? I also pointed out that, unlike Communist China, the US actually has a press that is allowed to criticize the government and expose its crimes. How many CCP crimes remain unknown because there is no free speech in China? For anybody, let alone a so-called “expert,” to claim that the United States has been more brutal than Communist China reveals either grotesque ignorance or extreme naivety. Maybe both.

Sachs condemns “his own country” (the United States) as being a “hierarchical, white-dominated, racist society” while praising China as “traditional.” Question: How many non-Han Chinese inner-circle Communist officials have there been? What has the CCP done to advance the careers of ethnic minorities in the national government? How many Uighur upper-level officials are there in Beijing? It takes a special kind of obliviousness to condemn the United States for “racism” while praising the far more racist China. Communist China is a Han Chinese ethnic state that (barely) tolerates the presence of minorities – while actively working to extinguish its various minority cultures…

In contrast, the United States government, and its entire ruling class, actively works to extinguish its historic white founding stock. This is why crimes, real or imagined, against non-whites in America have so much currency. There’s an entire industry based on emphasizing these crimes. School sources are dedicated to them, thousands of research papers published, hundreds of books, memorials, dedicated months and constant verbal reminders by the likes of Biden and members of Congress. Billions upon billions of dollars are squandered upon this grievance industry.

It’s no wonder so many weak-minded people have out-of-proportion opinions about the persecution of non-whites in America; it’s practically all they ever hear about. They’re bombarded with persecution stories constantly – and like the myths of yore, these stories tend to get exaggerated over time. Occasional injustices and indignities, which often pale in comparison with what whites suffer today, get magnified to a ridiculous degree.

Did black Southerners have to constantly look over their shoulders, lest they be randomly selected for lynching? I’ll bet many younger Americans believe this. Did the average white slave-owner regularly rape his female slaves? Did he take sadistic pleasure in beating his male slaves almost to the point of death? I’ll be many people now believe both to be true.

Meanwhile, the constant injustices against WHITE Americans are swept under the rug. We don’t read about them in the New York Times, or the Washington Post. Fox may report some of it. It’s no wonder that the weak-minded masses have such a lopsided world-view – but it’s shocking that a so-called “intellectual,” such as Sachs, would be so easily fooled, or worse yet, so easily fool others.

I should also point out that, while Sachs gushes with praise over China’s “traditional society,” he has nothing but loathing for American traditional society. If it’s okay for China to maintain a powerful centralized authority (almost exclusively Han Chinese), then why is it wrong for the US to do the same, except with whites? Let us consider the fact that American whites have been far more tolerant of ethnic minorities (in recent decades) than have the Han Chinese.

Mr. Sachs, since you’re so fond of Communist China, and since you so disdain the United States, I suggest you move to the former.

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3 Responses to Jeffrey Sachs: CCP Shill and Hater of America

  1. Jklp1943 says:

    Who cares? Most jews don’t consider their countrymen to be their countrymen anyways. They have the Jewish presence in Macau and Hong Kong like that casino peddler ho so it doesn’t matter. The Irving and west situation should teach the blacks the truth of their Jewish masters but who knows. The only thing it proves is majority jews don’t care at all for their country unless they can profit from finance with no ties to the land. Maybe if you criticize the paranoid tyrannical lefty Jewish character at its base and make a claim of its evil, then I’ll take your patchy underhanded criticism seriously.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I considered pointing out that he’s Jewish, but I simply don’t yet know enough about him to paint a broader picture; all I had was that one video. Also, I don’t consider it my job to make sure you take me seriously. This blog is not my job. It’s just a way to speak my mind, educate others, and be educated by others. Some will take me seriously, and others will not. It’s not my concern.

  2. Jklp1943 says:

    Gott love your co-ethnics in the world of finance. That bankman is a hero like his predecessor madoff. They really do well by their countrymen. Also gotta love the fact that the adl flails like never before since all know who controls the finance and entertainment sector. It was always obvious as south park named the execs who controlled the universe entertainment sector, joozians. What is the mind of your coethnics that their hatred of their so called countrymen and their paranoia causes them to act up to ugly stereotypes?

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