The Guardian and Microsoft Incite Racial Hatred

We’ve seen it before – major news outlets implying that a white-on-black assault was racially motivated when there’s no evidence to support it. White-on-black assaults are like gold to the Establishment Left; they’re relatively rare, and not to be wasted.

Here’s a screenshot from today’s Microsoft News Feed:

When we read the actual story, we find that the assault was over a stolen bicycle. Race had nothing to do with it. Nevertheless, the author of this sorry excuse for journalism, Gloria Oladipo, writes:

Many expressed outrage at the video, including Burks’ family, who called the encounter with Walczykowski an example of “hatred”.

“My son didn’t do anything wrong and, if I was to get justice, I would want him to pay for what he did,” said Burks’ mother, Tracey, during a news conference last week.

“That was very wrong for him to do that and he could’ve come at my son a different way. He didn’t have to choke my son. It was a hatred thing what he did.”

Many who weighed in on the confrontation before Walczykowski was charged wondered whether Burks might have been more badly hurt – or worse – if the encounter had happened at a time when cellphones weren’t ubiquitous.

Some even referred to the US’s shameful history of lynchings. According to records maintained by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, at least 4,800 Black people were lynched by racists across the US from 1882 to 1968.

False or unsubstantiated accusations of misdeeds sometimes fueled those murders.

The vast majority of black/white interracial assaults are black-on-white – and yet, according to Oladipo, if a white person so much as places his hands on the neck of a black person, it’s akin to lynching. Why would a “journalist” mislead the public in this way? Because it’s her job. According to The Guardian:

Gloria Oladipo is a breaking news reporter for the Guardian covering politics, race, mental health, pop culture and more

It seems if there is no actual “breaking news,” she can always fabricate her own news. It’s all about initiative, creativity and assertiveness. Here is her mug:

A strong, assertive, independent woman of color has to make a living somehow – even if it involves “False or unsubstantiated accusations.”

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