The FBI-ADL Incestuous Relationship

I’ve been reading Laura Loomer’s book Loomered, which I’d purchased from her at the Amren conference. I highly recommend it.

In the chapter “What Happened in Vegas,” Miss Loomer makes a solid case that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, was acting on behalf of ISIS. He had recently converted to Islam, ISIS had specifically taken credit for the shooting, which it rarely does if it’s not the case, and several witnesses point to a specifically terroristic motive behind the shooting – the worst mass shooting in modern US history. The FBI has staged a coverup from the very beginning, when it presented a false timeline to the American public, and ignored important testimony.

To this day, the Las Vegas shooting remains an official non-entity, where the perpetrator’s official motive is “no motive at all.”

At the end of the chapter, Miss Loomer points out that the Las Vegas shooting served as justification to further infringe the gun -rights of Americans, by making bump stocks effectively illegal. Even the NRA went along with the ban.

While I applaud Miss Loomer for her tireless work in this case, I think her analysis of the motivations behind the coverup is anemic.

I’ll point out some issues that she could have/should have mentioned:

The less lethal Orlando nightclub shooting, which Miss. Loomer mentions several times in the same chapter, targeted a largely non-white and homosexual demographic. It’s considered an act of terror. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas shooting, which targeted mostly straight white people, is all but relegated to the memory-hole. I don’t think this is coincidence, since the lives of straight white people are, at best, of low-priority in the eyes of the FBI.

Secondly, a glance at the ADL’s “heat map” for 2017, the year that the attack took place, yields these results for Las Vegas:

According to the ADL, there were no extremist murders in Las Vegas in 2017. Conveniently, the 60 mostly white victims of (probable) Islamic terrorism are not even acknowledged.

The ADL narrative, that white people present the greatest threat to “our democracy,” is bolstered by FBI corruption, coverups and lying. Including the sixty fatalities of Las Vegas would present an inconvenience to the ADL’s “statistics.” Can’t have that!

In case you weren’t already aware, the FBI uses the ADL’s “hate-crime” reports for its official policies – and, accordingly, it has placed great emphasis on combating “right-wing extremism,” even going so far as to pressure its employees to find such threats.

The FBI generates false information to the American public, which the ADL then shapes into misleading “reports” – which get fed right back to the FBI, so that it can continue its jihad against America’s founding stock, with the full blessing of the Biden administration.

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