City of Boise to Spend up to $500,000 to Investigate Matt Bryngelson

From American Renaissance:

It may cost the city of Boise $500,000 to investigate whether a former police captain’s views impacted the Boise Police Department

The Boise City Council will take up the contract with Steptoe & Johnson at its next meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 6. Last week, Mayor Lauren McLean announced Steptoe & Johnson would conduct an independent investigation into the matter with senior counsel Michael Bromwich.

{snip} Key lawyers involved will be paid $825 per hour – up to but not to exceed the cumulative total amount of $500,000.


Bromwich “will investigate whether Matt Bryngelson’s stated racist beliefs impacted his policing during his employment, his on-duty interactions with the community, officers or BPD staff and whether any city resources were used to create or distribute racist materials or content,” according to Mayor McLean.

Captain Matt Bryngelson had been scheduled to speak at a white nationalist conference in November. The organization, American Renaissance, is designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. {snip}

Matt Bryngelson conducted an interview with Jared Taylor, and then spoke at this year’s American Renaissance conference under the name Daniel Vinyard. His speech has not yet been published, but the bulk of it was stories about how blacks tend to commit certain types of crimes, and that those crimes tend to be more depraved. Anybody who pays attention to the news would reach the same conclusion. Having come face to face with this reality, over the course of decades, obviously shaped the way Officer Bryngelson views the world. This would be true of any of us.

It’s criminal that the City of Boise is spending taxpayer money on such an investigation. If Officer Bryngelson’s mind was poisoned, it was through his own first-hand experiences with black criminals. In contrast, an entire generation of government officials is growing up with CRT, an ideology that poisons the mind against White people. If anything is to be investigated, it should be CRT.

This decision illustrates what many of us have been saying for years: It’s de-facto ILLEGAL to be a white-advocate in today’s America, at least if you have any government/corporate aspirations. The City of Boise has no right to waste money on such investigations; Officer Bryngelson committed no crime.

Mark my words, the City of Boise will overturn some convictions of black criminals as a result of this investigation; leftists will use ANY EXCUSE to free black criminals.

I also wanted to point out that the Establishment Left will use this incident as “evidence” that white-supremacy is pervasive in our police forces, and that this is why blacks are treated unfairly.

Of course, this is a circular argument. The likely reason Officer Bryngelson came to American Renaissance is that it’s the most well-known pro-white organization/publication in the US that isn’t hateful. If Officer Bryngelson were a hateful person, or a neo-Nazi, he would have approached any number of neo-Nazi organizations. His choice of venue demonstrates that he is not a hateful person.

The only reason American Renaissance is branded as a “white-supremacist” organization is that anti-white hate groups, such as the SPLC, have so determined.

How convenient! Label American Renaissance as “white-supremacist,” and then (by extension) they can label Officer Bryngelson as “white-supremacist.” Once that is done, they can claim that police departments are infiltrated by “white-supremacists.” Voila! Justification for more Diversity spending has now been manufactured.

Any conversation about this topic should start with the question, “What is the definition of white-supremacist?” I don’t think Jared Taylor would fit any reasonable definition of this term, which is why he doesn’t describe himself as a “white-supremacist.” Hence, the “problem” doesn’t even start; it’s rooted in a fallacy.

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2 Responses to City of Boise to Spend up to $500,000 to Investigate Matt Bryngelson

  1. 370H55V I/me/mine says:

    Boise is a very blue enclave in a very red state, and its mayor is a far-left woke agitator, so none of this should be surprising. Perhaps due to the influx of waves of Californians (at least the first wave anyway–the later waves are escapees who didn’t vote blue in the first place) and its status as state capital and college town (Boise State U) with its large contingents of leftwing state employees and students.

    • jewamongyou says:

      I have a friend who lives in that area, and he says the same thing. He claims that the Californian influx is making the state more red, and that Boise is indeed a woke enclave.

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