This is Why They had Segregation

The technical term for this type of behavior is “chimp out.” In this case, assuming the background information in the tweet is accurate, it’s a good example of what I’ve been saying for years: Blacks are trained from an early age to assume racism is the reason for life’s inconveniences.

Of course, the corporate media won’t report this story, except maybe local news. Hence, the masses remain ignorant… but there was a recent incident where a White police officer was forced off a crime scene by a racist black mob. MSN included it on its page – but made sure to have it embedded several minutes into a video by a black conservative. Here’s the incident:

Here’s another “non-story” that’s hard to watch. Not “news” according to the corporate media:
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  1. Wade Hampton says:

    Is America a fascist state?

    What are the characteristics of fascism?

    1) The key characteristic is the tight integration of Government and Corporate activity. The Government doesn’t own societal capital. Corporations are allowed to do that, but Government regulation, police activity and influence tightly bind what Corporations do.

    Clearly the Managerial State is in full control of Corporations and they willingly comply with its dictates. FDR’s favorite European leader before WWII was Mussolini who said “everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State”. The total alignment of the FedGov, Academia and the Press makes it clear that that is where America is today.

    2) Militarism is a key characteristic of the fascist State. Can anybody disagree that America today is a militarist State?

    3) Forcible suppression of opposition is another characteristic. The suspension of habeas corpus for the January 6 protestors is one example. The suppression of speech by all the social media platforms is another.

    4) And then one of the keys is racism. Of course, Mussolini’s fascist State was notably philo-Semitic or at least not anti-Semitic. But Hitler’s anti-Semitism is always trotted out as a key characteristic of fascism.

    But whites play the same role in today’s America as Jews played in Nazi Germany. According to low-IQ racist propagandists like Kendi and Robin DiAngelo, whites are the source of all evil in society. We even will have a recrudescence of the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 in California in determining who is black enough to get “reparations”.

    So today’s America ticks all four of the fascist boxes. We are living in a fascist state.

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