What Are We Doing to White People

Westernkind Art posted this video to Twitter:

I was impressed with the video, especially considering how young Mr. Cheon is. I predict great things for this young man, and told him so in comments…

Speaking of comments, many of the comments are from other non-Whites who agree with him. We do have many non-White allies, and it has always been my position that we should recognize them and encourage them.

Westernkind Art has this to say:

Interestingly, while he does encourage nonWhites to treat Whites well, he seems certain of the reduction of White political and economic power and doesn’t condemn this. While this video is still insightful and surprising coming from a nonWhite, his message is condescending.

It seems to me there are two schools of thought in the Dissident Right: Purists and Pragmatists. Though I sympathize with the Purists, I find myself in the Pragmatist camp. It’s my view that if we demand 100% compliance or nothing, we’ll end up with nothing. There are at least two reasons for this. Firstly, we don’t have the power to demand all we want; we’re lucky to get some of it. Secondly, few of us can reach an agreement on what our ultimate goals are. If we were to ever get close, we’d be fighting to the very end about the details.

Verily, reasonable men can take either position, and I’ve had ongoing feuds with fellow White-advocates on this very subject. It’s clear to me that neither side will ever be able to convince the other, and reality on the ground will be the final arbiter.

Spoiler alert: We will NOT get everything we want within our lifetimes. Best to make the most of what we CAN get. Furthermore, common decency demands that we recognize those who support us, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

I’ll conclude by pointing out that Jared Taylor agrees with me. One of his most moving speeches, at least for me, was a short one he made at one of the Amren conferences, where he recognized our non-White allies. His speech was so heartfelt, almost tearful, that it made a huge impression on me. Unfortunately, that speech was not recorded.

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