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The sick ideology known as “Critical Race Theory” teaches that all Whites are considered racist, by default, against blacks. Taken to its logical conclusion, this would mean that our system of Trial by Jury is flawed, and needs to be amended. If all Whites are racist, consciously or otherwise, then this means no black defendant can expect a fair trial when all, or most, of the jury is White.

Once this flawed conclusion is reached, it’s only a matter of time before policies are implemented where only black jurors can serve when the defendant is black. In contrast, since blacks cannot be racist, there is no reason to prevent blacks being on a jury when the defendant is White.

Watch for it; you heard it from me…

… and we’re already seeing the groundwork for such policies being laid. Too many times, we’ve seen news stories decrying the fact that so-and-so black defendant was “convicted by an all-White jury” – as if this necessarily means the trial was unfair.

Case in point: Richard Moore. Convicted in 1999 or murdering a White store clerk during a robbery, Moore was sentenced to death. In case you’re bad at math, or consider it racist, this means the murder was about 24 years ago. If there was misconduct during the trial, or new evidence has come to light, then by all means, let’s retry Moore.

The petition makes no mention of any such misconduct or new evidence. It makes four arguments:

  1. That the jury was “all White”
  2. That Moore was unarmed when he entered the store, and had no intention to kill
  3. That the mode of death now presented is “cruel and unusual” and
  4. That blacks are overrepresented in death penalty cases.

Without getting into details of the last three arguments, it’s telling that the very first one is that the jury was “all White, and that the victim was White.” The presumption is that Whites are biased toward black criminals when the victim was White. Would a black jury be more objective? Does anybody remember O.J. Simpson?

Mr. Moore was convicted and sentenced to death for the alleged murder of a white male store owner by an all white jury (11 White and 1 Latino) during what was reported to be a robbery.  Mr. Moore entered a convenience store unarmed with no intent to kill, and did not own the gun that was fired during the altercation. The owner of the store was killed during the incident. 

How much longer before every verdict where the jury was all, or mostly, White is thrown out? I foresee a day, in the not too distant future, where this will happen. As a result, many thousands of dangerous criminals will be let loose on society. They will kill again.

To recap:

CRT teaches that all Whites are racist by default. All White juries are, therefore, unacceptable for black defendants. Based on this conclusion, all the verdicts of such trials are thrown out. Thousands of vicious, hardened, criminals are let loose. Many innocent Americans are murdered or raped as a result.

CRT kills!

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