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“Nobody’s Saying It’s Not Okay to be White”

How many times have we heard this, in response to the proclamation “It’s Okay to be White?” More times than I can count… … but a Rasmussen Poll says almost half of black respondents believe, in fact, that it’s NOT … Continue reading

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Snopes: A Drug for the Intellectually Lazy

Most of y’all are already familiar with the Biden video clip, where he promotes The Great Replacement. I’ve posted it before, but here it is again, all 60 seconds of it: The Snopes article, not surprisingly, categorizes this claim as … Continue reading

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Had me Going for a Minute

I’m working on something else, but came across this and wanted to share it:

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How the Victimhood Mentality Damages People

It doesn’t just damage the “victims” themselves, but society believes them – and acts accordingly:

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What is the Environmental Impact of Immigration to the United States?

This is a complex issue, but for the purposes of this short post, I’ll use the metrics of establishment environmentalist entities, such as the US government. I’ll use tonnage of emissions, with the understanding that some may disagree, and that … Continue reading

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Yelp Being Part of the Establishment Left

I just got this email from Yelp: This Black History Month, celebrate the rich history of Black-owned businesses. Discover nearby Black-owned restaurants that are popular in San Francisco, from casual sit-down dining to dessert delights. Search Black-owned Black-owned Ones to … Continue reading

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Is This How Jesus Would Park?

I came across this recently, and thought I’d share it with my readers. I don’t know what the story is behind this, but it does illustrate the third-world mentality: Religiosity without necessarily having consideration for others. Note the sticker on … Continue reading

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How Capitalism Destroys Indigenous Societies

Yes, it’s a clickbait title, but a somewhat accurate one. Check out this tweet: From the typical socialist’s point of view Capitalism = greed. Specifically corporate greed, which is usually a result of the corporate establishment. Conservatives take a broader … Continue reading

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