“Nobody’s Saying It’s Not Okay to be White”

How many times have we heard this, in response to the proclamation “It’s Okay to be White?” More times than I can count…

… but a Rasmussen Poll says almost half of black respondents believe, in fact, that it’s NOT okay to be White when asked the question.

Here’s Dilbert creator Scott Adams sharing his feelings on the matter:

To a reasonable person, nothing Adams says should be controversial.

How many WHITE respondents believe it’s not okay to be White? I haven’t paid Rasmussen’s membership fee, and I haven’t seen the results elsewhere, but I’m going to guess that 20-30% of Whites also believe it’s not okay to be White.

We should stay away from those Whites people too, as much as possible… however, it’s obvious that we’re much more likely to be the target of racial violence from a black racist than a White one.

As for me, being in the Dominican Republic and all, I’d lead a painfully lonely existence if I avoided black people. If the survey were taken here, I’d say that close to 0% of Dominicans (of any race) would respond that it’s not okay to be White.

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