Grotesque Racial Bias at MSN

Here’s a screenshot of today’s Microsoft news feed:

The video of the woman being stomped has been censored in all versions that I could find – but here’s a screen capture of the video:

It does appear that the victim is White, while most (if not all) of the perpetrators are black. Here are the perpetrators:

They’re all clearly black, with the possible exception of the woman at the top left. She’s the one the Philadelphia Police have chosen to designate as “Suspect #1.”

Here we see legacy media policy in action: White attacks black? Report it as a White-on-black assault. Black attacks White? Don’t mention race, and try to hide it if possible.

What about the White-on-black attack? If we read the article, we see that it shouldn’t even qualify as news, let alone an atrocity:

For two ladies, it led to a situation in Walmart that got out of hand. After going into the store and doing their shopping, these women got into it with each other in the checkout line. A kicking situation led to one of the women successfully defending herself.

That’s it. There are no more details on this story, and nothing to back up the headline’s claim that the black woman was attacked – the implication being that it was unprovoked. For all we know, the black woman was jumping the line, and the White woman fought back. This led to a minor scuffle.

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  1. Jklp1943 says:

    Who controls the media again? Who do they serve if it appears to be good for them? If you’re rich coethnics cared about their countrymen instead of imaging cossacks and nazis under their pillows, a more truthful nation we would have. Instead we have psychos like soros and his foot soldiers to deal with.

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