Poetic Justice in Trump’s Indictment

In 2017, President Trump intervened on behalf of three black UCLA basketball players who had been arrested in China for shoplifting. Here they are:

Courtesy of Zagsblog

In 2018, President Trump acquiesced to Kim Kardashian’s request to c0mmute black prisoner Alice Johnson, who had been sentenced to life. Here she is:

Courtesy of Newsmax

Toward the end of his presidency, Trump unveiled his “Platinum Plan,” which was to spend half a trillion dollars toward the advancement of blacks.

Before Trump’s political career, he was cozy with black race hustlers, and worked closely with Jesse Jackson to create the Rainbow Coalition:

Now, in 2023, it’s a black district attorney, Alvin Bragg who is leading the politically-motivated prosecution of Donald Trump.

I’m not in favor of such banana-republic behavior in America, but I also don’t feel sorry for Trump.

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2 Responses to Poetic Justice in Trump’s Indictment

  1. Plus Trump ignored a lot of people who deserved pardons like Assange and Snowden. He let the Jan. 6 crowd stumble into disaster on his behalf then forgot about them. The pardons he did grant at the end of his term were mostly for entertainment industry carnies like himself.
    This prosecution will probably help him become the next Republican candidate, edging out better people and ensuring that the last theoretically winnable presidential election is lost.
    I don’t think his enemies are smart enough to have planned all that out but in this case their brainless yearning for revenge will cement their power.

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